match the lyrics to the song!! (rock)

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this is a 2000s emo/rock/alternative music quiz!! you don’t need to do your best, no matter what you do, you’ll do amazing. i love you!! <3 good luck!!

try out this quiz or i eat your first child >:) jk jk but if you like rock music, go check it out! you might like it :D i hope you enjoy it!! love u and stay safe <3

Created by: p0ltergeist

  1. think of me when you’re out there i’ll beg you nice from my knees and when the world treats you way too fairly well it’s a shame i’m a dream
  2. if you want more of this we can push out, sell out, die out so you'll shut up
  3. centuries are what it meant to me a cemetery where I marry the sea stranger things could never change my mind
  4. I can't change who I am, not this time I won't lie to keep you near me and in this short life there's no time to waste on giving up
  5. your dream vacation small hostage refuge a work in progress
  6. something takes a part of me something lost and never seen every time I start to believe
  7. I am a little bit of loneliness, a little bit of disregard handful of complaints but I can't help the fact that everyone can see these scars
  8. bury me, just leave me to sleep in the dirt finish me, I'm floating away there’s a demon staring straight through your eyes
  9. strip off the weight of morality, and check it at the door I'll show you the worst in me what I've become
  10. i can’t think of other songs so did you like this?

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