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This quiz is about to let you find out how much you know Mario Kart in my opinion. Don't get mad if the resilts aren't what you hoped. Good luck and have fun.

You are being warned that this quiz might be really weird on the last result . So don't report my if so. Anywho, go right ahead and take the quiz. Good luck.

Created by: Sonic

  1. What is the normal kart called?
  2. In Mario Kart 7, can you customize your kart?
  3. What does the blue shell do?
  4. In what Mario Kart is there a Mega Mushroom?
  5. Does Mario Kart have a Mini Mushroom?
  6. In Mario Kart Wii, what 2 character are on the tilte screen?
  7. In Mario Kart Double Dash, can you do tricks?
  8. How many tricks can you do in Mario Kart 7?
  9. Can you have 3 bob-ombs in Mario Kart?
  10. How many players are there in Mario Kart Wii?
  11. In Mario Kart Double Dash, does Petey Pirana and King Boo have specials?

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