Mario kart 8 Deluxe test

Think you know stuff about Mario kart 8 Deluxe? Try this quiz to see if you really know your stuff! Try this quiz for mainly Mario Kart 8 deluxe questions and a couple others

There are TEN questions in this quiz containing FIVE options in each of them! Along with different messages depending on your score! Try and aim for 100%!!!

Created by: Captain Odyssey

  1. What is special about the N64 edition of Yoshi Falls?
  2. What is mirror mode?
  3. What is a hidden stat in the car select menu?
  4. What comes with the game for free?
  5. How many tacks are there in Grand Prix mode?
  6. How many Mario types are in the game?
  7. Which two characters have different colours? (Colors)
  8. Which game mode is an official battle mode?
  9. What is the hardest level of CPU in VS Race?
  10. Which is a NEW item in the game?

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