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Do you have a fascination with the ocean and want to pursue a career in marine science? Do you ever dream of writing long papers about medicinal uses of sea cucumber oil?

Well guess what: THIS IS THE QUIZ FOR YOU! Find out how much you know about the ocean and it's many creatures with this handy quiz that you can send to all your friends!!!

Created by: The Jorge foundation of What type of jellyfish are you quiz
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  1. What phylum are fish in?
  2. How many shark species are there?
  3. What is the benthic zone?
  4. How many bones do sharks have?
  5. What is the largest bony fish?
  6. What is the SMALLEST fish?
  7. What is a carapace?
  8. What is the base of the marine food chain?
  9. What is a prokaryote?
  10. What is a keystone species?

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