Make A Mha OC !

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Hello , Welcome To my Quizz That I Have Made For All of your Mha Fans ( Note : Sorry the questions aren't as You asked I Just Hope You Do Not Dislike It :( )

Sorry If You don't get exactly what you got but hey ! Atleast you got your own MHA oc that you can use for your art , can share to the world , and more of what you can do ( Note : Please , Credit this if you DO Use This , K Thank You ^^ ! )

Created by: ~//Miss.Sun//~
  1. What would be their occupation ?
  2. What Would Their Quirk Be Related To ?
  3. Who would Be Their Friend ?
  4. Which Class Would You Be ?
  5. If They Went Out With Their Friend ? Where would they Go ?
  6. If They Were In A Friend Group , Who's Friend group would they Join ?
  7. What Would They Eat For Lunch ?
  8. Which Character Would You Fight against Battle Field ?
  9. How Tall would They Be ?
  10. What is their body type ?

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