Magical Hogwarts Harry Potter Quiz

There are so many smart people in this world and if you scored high you are certainly one of them well done there are so many smart people but only few are geniuses good luck and weel done

are you a genius do you have a brain that is highly brain powered that you could try to earn a prestigious title but thanks to this quiz you can now answer that question and find out just how good you are at magic

Created by: Joanne

  1. Whos parents does bellatrix torture
  2. what house does harry Potter get put into in the first harry Potter film
  3. What is Lily Potter's star sign
  4. What are the names of Harry Potter's parents
  5. Who bars Harry and Ron from getting to the station platform where they need to be to catch he Hogwarts Express in the second film
  6. Who does Harry Potter marry in the end of the last Harry Potter film
  7. Who shoutes Harry Potter is dead in the last Hrry Potter film
  8. Who becomes Harry Potter@s best freinds by the end of the first film
  9. Who says "You're just the same as I am" in one of the Harry Potter films
  10. What is the item hanging from Bellatrix@s necklace
  11. What are the three parts of the deathly hallows
  12. What animal does Hagrid buy Harry for his birthday
  13. Who is the actress of Ginny Weasley
  14. What house does Ginny get put into
  15. Who secretly loves Harry in the first film
  16. Who marrys Hermione in the end
  17. Who marrys Luna in the last one
  18. Who gets married in the last Harry Potter film

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