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  • i just want to gain powers can somebody help me?.....?!?

    danique Oct 29 '11, 11:48AM
  • I like ice people. I hate water people. I am air. Although i agree with paranormal.. pretty inaccurate in that catergory.

    Puppydog Mar 16 '11, 4:15AM
  • Ice! The thing said I was RARE!!! So any of you Light and Air people, are my friends, and fire people are my enemies, which is not true, because my dragon is fire, and I love her! Along with the others of course! XD

    Skydragon Jan 25 '09, 12:22PM
  • i chose water for all, but it said water people are silly.xP

    sakiika1121 Dec 31 '08, 11:13PM
  • air sounds like me i go with the flow lol but i love water people

    NoxX Dec 30 '08, 10:23PM
  • *snorts* this quiz isnt accurate. just letting u people know.

    Blah089 Dec 30 '08, 10:20PM
  • OMG, I took this quiz again, i got Light, and in the beginning it said 'your enemy is ice..' and the second to last sentence was 'your good friends with ice and air people...' lol!

    Blah089 Dec 30 '08, 10:17PM
  • I awnt fire air is stupid what can that do

    Spurdoile Dec 10 '08, 8:30PM
  • water 8D yes i love water i cant live with out it its almost like i breath water somedays:)

    starfire3 Dec 10 '08, 6:54PM
  • Air. Although you asked the same question twice, I chose fire for both and got air.

    Paranormal Dec 6 '08, 5:35PM
  • Ice

    Blah089 Dec 6 '08, 3:24PM
  • Air 8D

    ltlbabeangel Dec 6 '08, 11:51AM

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