Magic Enchanting Love P3

I'm so sorry that it took so long for me to make this.I had so much homework!It took me so long to finish it all i am so sorry!Please forgive me!thanks

IMPORTANT.Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i also have a question.Guess what my favorite color is?Te first person to answer correctly will appear in my series in my 5th quiz for this series as an ally,or they can give me an idea that i will have to follow!just fo r one quiz though

Created by: KaliaRox

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  1. Recap!:Jasper is coming in the room,when you suddenly shrink to the size of a penny!I know i'm not mistaken so let us continue!
  2. You were confused,you blinked your eyes losing focus and you were back to your normal size.'Was this another illusion caused by Jasper?'You thought.Then Jasper entered the room."Good to see that you're still here!"He says,every word sounding like glass breaking."Anyway I brought you your dinner,here you are."He says putting a TV dinner on the ground.It looked disgusting,but you were starving."Well,i'll see you after dinner."He says winking and then leaving.You almost threw up in your mouth.You took a bite of the food and something made you disoriented.You suddenly dropped to your knees and put your hands to your head.Your mind was ringing with newfound thoughts.You then slipped into unconsiousness.All you could see while unconsious was Jasper.You then noticed so many things about him.All you oculd actually think about was Jasper.Nothing else,although you tried to think about the guy that you liked,nothing else would happen until you were finally shaken awake with somebody calling your name,almost like knives(hint hint)
  3. You wake up and see the love of your life sitting next to you.In the reflection of Jaspers eyes you could see your own eyes-Dark red!You could see his gorgeous shaggy blood red hair over and out of his face at the same time.You saw how skinny he was,how tall,how hot you thought he was.His black eyes piercing into your soul."What do you think of me now?"He asks silently.You go to answer him with a kiss when you hear a crash come from a different room in the house(first of all,in case you don't know,you just ate part of a love potion from Jasper.Thanks PuffBall!)"I'll be right back."He says lovingly kissing you on the lips.He leaves.You wait silently until you see the door move again.It's-Kail,wait no two of him!The Kail's come and grab your wrist but you jerk away.They looks at you like your crazy and one lifts you up into his arms.Your stuggle but his grip is like iron.
  4. "I WANNA STAY HERE!"You yell struggling more then ever."ARE YOU JOKING!THAT'S WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO DO!"He says giggling like a little girl.You galre at him.Then he looks down at your eyes and sees that they aren't their normal _____color."Oh ****(whenever that is there,the person cusses)!"He says,you feel his grip weaken.You take the chance and jump out of his arms and start to run."JASPER!"You yell,looking left and right.You turn a corner,but you can still see the two Kail's behind you out of the corner of your eyes.You open a door when there is two more Kail's in front of you.You gasp and turn only to be cornered by the other two.You try and make your way through,but your suddenly trapped in what seems like an invisible box.You pound your fists on the invisible box,as if to break it,but it's as solid as steel.You scream JASPER at the top of your lungs,but it comes out as a whisper.'Oh great'You think.
  5. The four Kail's lift the invisible box of the ground,and make their way outside of Jasper's house.Once you guys are outside,they don't let you out.You see movement inside of the house.You see a figure stare out the window,looking straight at you.It's Jon.He grins and runs outside spreading his arms out as if to hug you like those lovey-dovey reunited scenes.You back away but remember the invisible box.He runs right into the invisible wall,hitting his head,face,etc.You can see that the Kail's are already on the ground laughing.Jon with a bloody nose,gets up looking angry and knocks on the wall.He angrily yells something.He then turns to Kail and frantically yells at him.Kail starts yelling back and there are hand gestures pointing to you.The Jon comes up and waves you over.You come because you know that he can't penatrate the walls.He looks at your eyes and mouths the word "****!".You cackle,and walk back to the other side of the box.Jacob comes running out and you see his mouth form the words"You called?"Kail and Jon point to you and say some other things.'Did Kail find you?'You hear a voice inside your head say.'Who are you?'You sneered.'It's me Elijah.'Elijah says in a clearly annoyed voice.
  6. 'How are you talking to me!And yes,SADLY Kail did find me.'You say emphasizing the Sadly.'I can read minds and communicate.And what do you mean sadly?'He says confused.'I mean,I want to stay with Jasper!Can't anybody understand that!'You shriek in your mind.'Something is wrong with you.I'm gonna do a mind check.'At that moment you feel as if your head is vibrating.'What the *** happened ____!I think you ate a love potion!''I don't care!I love him.'You think back clearly agitated.'I'm gonna go tell the others.'Before you can argue or yell he's gone.You can also see that the Jon,Jacob,and Kail's are looking at you.You stick your tounge out at them and sit down in the farthest corner,when suddenly there is a puff of smoke and Jasper is there.With unnatural speed he quickly grabs your arm and you dissapear in a puff of smoke aswell.You appear in the room you were in when Kail's found you.You quickly sit down on the ground and gesture for Jasper to sit next to you.He does,but at that moment something in your brain clicks.(just for fun,these possible answers vbelowv count!They are effective!)
  7. You realize that the potion has finally wore off.Your eyes go back to there orginal _____ color.You slowly but hesistently look up at Jasper.He grims back at you until he sees your eyes.Then his grin fades.'HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP'You think to Elijah.'Potion where off?'ELijah says in an 'i told you so' kind of voice.'Yup''be there in a minute'He says back.You stand up and start running away from Jasper.You are alreadt half way through the house when he suddenly appears in front of you."Where do you think you are going _____?The fun has just began."He says grabbing your arm.You hear the famaliar sound of broken glass and suddenly the 4 kail's,one jacob,one Elijah and one Jon are there to back you up."Jacob,take _____ to safety NOW!"Jon yells.Then Jon lurges forward,grabs you by the arm and tosses you in the air.He then does the same to Jasper,but he throws Jasper at the wall!Lucky for you,Jacob catches you and starts to run.He runs carrying you until you are outside when he is flying through the air.You look dumbstruck.He sees this,laughs and says"One of my powers is the ability to control Air.I can manipulate it so I can fly."He says."Well whats the other one?"You ask."Well,I can control electricity.I would kill Jasper on the spot but he is an..."Then he trails off.
  8. "A WHAT!"You yell."He is the prince of the evil kingdom Yimir.It is the most evil place in the world,and sadly for you,he has fallen in love with you like so many others from your beauty."He says blushing."Well,who's is the others?"You ask teasingly."Well you know that kid on the bus?Jared,likes you and someother people,whom i won't name inder the circumstances."He says.You look around and see that you are back at the guy's house,you know the mansion?Jacob comes to a stop and gently touches the ground.He sets you on your feet."Don't worry,once we got away,the others had already gone.Or thats atleast what Elijah just told me."You nod and walk inside the house.You go up to your room and stare out the window.You hear Jacob enter behind you."I'm sorry for being such a jerk when i was under the love potion."You say."It's okay."He says.He turns you around and gently kisses you on the lips.He then pulls away and leaves you to ponder on what just happened.
  9. After you were done pondering you head downstairs to see if the others were back yet.Of course,they were.Although you only saw one Kail instead of four(sorry for those who would rather have four).One Kail or four,when he ran to hug you you felt squished.Then you feel strong arms pull you away from Kail into another hug.You look up to see Jon.You turn and see Elijah in the corner just sitting there,jealousy in his eyes."Don't you think we should tell her our powers?"He spits.Everyone agrees."I'll go first.As you know I read minds.But I also control energy.I can make a energy ball,cannon,or gun.Stuff like that."The Elijah indeed makes an energy ball and throws it to you.You try and catch it but it disspears."My powers are strength,but I also have telekinesis."Jon says.He sends a napkin straight at you.You grab it."My powers are force fields and duplicating myself to 3 or 4 max."Kail says smiling."She knows mine."Jacob says.
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