Madness high pt. 3

This quiz has more twists than a knot. It is quite funny sad surprising and Cool. Meet all of the new charectors as submitted by my wonderful fans.....

I dont really think people read this so... This ipart is cool. I took some time writing this and sorry it came out later... I had computer issues. It ate my cat...

Created by: Ellisianmatters

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  1. You now lie underneath your bed kicking at the edges. Your in soo much trouble you thought. You have a whole life you never knew about. That and you are a Original. What is that you may ask... It is bacicly a god or godess. Like Zeus or Isis exept you are a godess of all supernaturals. You can controll them and be them. Its just a lot to put on a girl shoulders you know. "What dosnt kill you makes you stronger" you mutter. Just then a striking pain echoed through your skull and you felt your self being dragged out side when everything went black.
  2. You kept messing around with your favorite sling shot but whenever you shot you kept missing. Normaly this dosnt happen but a brning fear kept licking at your heart. Finaly you caved in and made you way to _____, After all you need to inform her more on the Hunters right? "Slade, you need to get a grip on youself," you wispered to yourself. Silently you trudged onwards to the treehouse and noticed some peculiar scratch marks on the trees. You quickly grabbed the rope and climbed your way up and went to knock on the door but it was already slightly open. Startled you pushed it open. "Godess are you in here?" No answer. Then you noticed the note. It stated: Yet again we got her. This time I will make her last longer. -The Fallen You crumpled up the note and then every one came flooding in. "They took her. Again. Ellisian you were supposed to be on wat-" You turned to face the small crowd. Jenny's eyes were dark, "They took her too." she growled. You blinked. "Well this time we are all here. And we have a plan"
  3. "Wake up!" yelled a male voice. You pretended not to hear it untill his face came down on yours. Startled you snapped your eyes open and saw the most gorgeous guy in frount of you. He had his eyes closed like he was relishing the moment for a little too long untill he finaly pulled away. He grinned and ran his hand through his spikey black hair and bit his lip. "Just like Snow White" he grinned, "We have to go now. My name is Seth. Dont worry I am trying to help you." He wispered. You know how they say the eyes are the windows to the soul? Well his Bright green eyes told you that he wasnt lying... And he was really quite cute. Also the bite the lip thing was really cute. He waved his hand in frount of your face and a worried look crossed his face. You blushed and looked away. Seth hurry up we have to go! They are coming back for her! Rose will be waiting! She has no idea what we are doing!" shreiked another femine voice. He blushed and said "We are coming sis! I umm... Was waking her up!" He grabbed your hand and pulled you up into his arms and started running... Or flying. The trees blurred past you and a joyous giggle escaped your lips. It was fun? Dont judge.H glanced down at you curious then laughed a long throughty laugh. "Your very pretty." you said. Foot. Mouth. Now. "Why thank you? I guess. I am just glad you can talk. Your gorgeous too." he said then muttered under his breath. "Damnit! scare her off why dont cha?" You tapped his shoulder causing him to look down. "I have been scared by many things. You are definately not one of them." you stared him dead in the eye and laughed. This might not be too bad...
  4. Sorry to put this here! Some of the charectors might not be in this quiz but they might have been put in the falled so they will be in next time. I think...
  5. Seth had just set you down and you guys kind of stared at eachouther for a moment before he galnced over his shoulder and sighed. "____, meet my sister Serina and our friends Rose, Decayin, and Mari." he said and gestured to the once vaccant place beside him. Now there were four girls beside of him and I will just list them in speed. First one (Serina) had long white blonde hair with the occasional braid and wore a crimson tanktop and black ripped jeans. Her gray eyes peirced you with the intencity that was oddly hilarious. Next was (Rose) a girl with chest length pink hair and frosted tips and amber almost golden eyes that seemed to be staring at nothing in particular. And then there was Mari, a girl dark brown eyes that seem to look into your soul, and long black hair, with a big Smile. Almost creepy. Lastly there was Decayin. She was quite striking almost had made you jump. She had curly black and white hair and gray almost white eyes. You waved and then reconized the forest around you. "I have to go..." you wispered. They all turned to look at eachother and vanished. All exept for Seth. He crossed the distance between the two of you and said "I will see you in school..." then vanished. What a weird day you have had so far.
  6. "______! Thank gods!" Damein cried as you walked into your bedro. He jumped off of your bed and wrapped his arms around you. He rested his head in your hair and exhailed. Then he stiffened and pulled out his phone and dialed random number. "Umm. Yeah. Shes here." pause "No I am not kidding. Call it off." another pause "You have someone named Slade?" After that you gasped and pulled away. He glanced down at you and hung up. "Whats wrong?" he said placing his hand on your arm. You pulled away and said "Bring him to me. I am afraid I might know him." Hesighed and walked away. Exausted you slid down into a chair next to the mirror and took a deep breath. You still looked the same. Long black hair, green eyes and pale complexion... All exept now you had these dark swirily markings snaking their way up the back of your hands to the end of your forarm. Now I amofficaly... AWESOME!
  7. You stood up and crossed your room and slid underneath your bed. Finaly some time to relax. I mean You just went through yet another rough day. No normal person could go through that right? You turned onto your side and noticed something shiny sitting next to you. Your Ipod! You havnt seen that in days and you got a total girly idea. You closed it in your fist and slid out from underneath the bed and walked into the middle of the room and turned it on. The very first song was Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson and started singing it softly and bouncing in place and waving our fist in the air untill the chorous came on for the second time and you started singing to the top of your lungs and jumping and pumping harder... Just as the door flew open and two surprised faces stood in the door way.
  8. You blushed. "Like what you see?" you snapped. "Most definately" Slade smirked. Damien smacked him across the head and Slade only slunk his way across the room and leaned his head down to kiss you on the mouth. It only reminded you of Seth and that disturbed you. You shoved him off of you but wanted nothing more to make it longer. Slade grinned at you just as your door slammed shut, but you knew he hadnt left yet because no foot steps had sounded. "Why did you do that? We both know you are really nice?" "Well I am not good when I am jealous" he murmured and sat down on your bed. You grinned "Your jealous?" He glanced over at you and sighed. "I have followed you since you were born and reincarnated over and over again. Now you can be here forever and there is a guy in the way." he said. "So just a little bit?" you asked. He gave a short laugh, "Just a little bit"
  9. Shortly after Slade left Jckson entered the room and sat in frount of the mirror admiring himself. "Do you know how much my brother likes you?" he ased never taking his eyes off the mirror. You sighed and threw yourself onto the bed. "Just a little I guess... He wont really talk to me." I sighed. "Exactly love. He dosnt want to scare you away..." "Well tell him I am not scared. If he wants to tak to me he might as well.. I am not a bunny. I wont run away." "Good point love. I will try to inform him of that." "Go now goofball! I have school tomorrow!" you said as a million flashes of Seth went through your mind. He slowly lifted himself off the chair and made his way to the door. "Goonnight love." he said with a wave. "Nightzzz" you said and slowly drifted to sleep.
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