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you are witnessing the final chapters of the "my love life" series. i really hope you liked it. the series will end at either part 16 or part 17. im still deciding.

by the way, i really am sorry for the really long wait. but remember... i have a life and i have to go to school piled under lots of homework and grades. i will try to be making a second series. still deciding okay? thx!

Created by: cheese1234

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  1. left off- okay well, bottom line, andrew almost killed the guys when cat came in to save the day. andrew, (being the coward he is), ran away. you chased after him but you looked into his eyes and fainted. last thing you saw was aaron and Tony charging at andrew and zera and cat running to help you. got it?
  2. you woke up on something cold. you were hoping to see your warm and bright room. however, you were disappointed to find yourself on alex. that's it, you gave up. no one can help you but yourself. once again, you lose, they win. you felt tired, sore, groggy,and dizzy. it took you a while to find yourself in a dark car. why must everything be so dark?
  3. you look around a little more trying to figure out where you are. a dark car with tinted windows and bryan is driving. alex realizes you are awake and he immediately puts a hand loosely around your neck as if it was a warning and the other clutching your hands.
  4. you burn his hand around your wrists and break free at his grip around your neck. he thought of this as a plan of escape but in order to change his mind, you hold out your wrists together in front of him. he gives you a suspicious look and his eyes were confused. you chuckled at his expression and he took your hands. you gasped at his touch. after you gathered your thoughts, you asked, "where are my friends? what happened? where are we? what's going on?" he chuckles and then answers, "i knew you'd ask that. let me explain, long story-short, the guys took you home, you were still knocked out, the next day (today) we kidnapped you, tied them up in their sleep to buy us some time, we are on our way to the palace, don't worry, your friends aren't dead, and finally, we have about 2 more hours to get there. oh! and you haven't eaten in 2-3 days." you gave a deep sigh of relief and noticed your stomach growling. Alex must have heard it too because he handed over a big bowl of soup. you ate it all and you had your favorite soda. you felt guilty for giving up but, that's all that's left to do.
  5. you ask Alex, "umm, can i borrow your cell phone really quick please?" he looks at you like your crazy and you give a sweet smile and puppy-dog eyes. "please?! i just need to talk to Aaron! i promise i won't tell him anything. i just... i want to say goodbye". you say as you look down at your flip-flops, barely realizing your still in your pj's. he sighs at your surrender and hands you his phone. you dial the number.
  6. *phone conversation* "julie, im not letting you give up!" aaron states. you-" well too bad! this is between me and them! ill rise by myself, or fall to rock bottom. you already suffered too much for me and im NOT letting you do that again! back off or ill make you!" you heard a soft gasp on the line and Aaron sighs,"julia, i cant let you die when i can do something to stop it. ill never forgive myself." you close your eyes and take a very deep breath to try to stop the tears, "Aaron, that's the thing. you cant do anything about it! ill take care of myself. you tried and so did the rest. im ending this whether you like it or not! if i never see you again, i want you to know, thank you so much for everything. you truly are a great friend. tell every one i said goodbye and ill miss them." Aaron is silent and as soon as he says, "Julie i-" you hung up.
  7. Alex took away the phone and put it away. he opened his mouth to say something but closed it just as quickly. you found a blanket and the temperature control thingy in the car. you wrapped yourself in the blanket and turned on the heater. after that, you cuddled up to Alex and bid him goodnight. it'd be best to take a nap.
  8. *your dream* your tid to an old tree. it's old and black. it looks like it's been burned plenty of times but never died completely. your in the middle oof nowhere and it is completely dark. you see a darker figure coming from the shadows. it carries something in its hand: a lighter. fire maybe? why would someone be playing with fire in the middle of nowhere while there's a girl tied to a tree? you try to call out to that person but, he cant hear you. you cant even hear yourself! your mute! you try to move but your tied you can only manage to touch the tree. however, you realize, that, your not tied to any tree. it lok like one but it doesnt feel like one at all. the dark figure comes closer, 3 more coming behind it, only, the one with the fire cant see them. he covers your eyes and opens thm again. now, you see your not tied to a dree at all. it's a very big pole. at the top of the pole is a large, ripped, and white flag. you look t your feet. your surrounded by hay. the man is Alex. the 3 other figures disappeared and you, are...hot? fire. fire!!! you struggle and scream. no one can hear you. you try to set free but all you get is more fire. finally, when you see a figure come to the light, and the chains around you are loosening up, you see...
  9. *end of dream* your sweating and your still on Alex. you look up and see he is staring at you. eyes grey and wide. his skin is coming back together from you burning him and bryan shows no emotion. "what?" you ask. he struggles to answer when he says, "you... just...right now, you were just..." and you give him a look saying " i what? tell me! was i screaming? how long was i asleep? did i burn you?" he shakes his head as he answers you once more, "you were screaming 'no! don't please! some one help me! it burns!' and i had to keep shaking you until you finally woke up? and ys, you did burn me, thanks a lot!" you rolled your eyes and mumbled, "what a wuss. he couldnt hve taken it like a man and told me easier!" he understood, you assumed, because he gave you some strong punch in the stomach. you cowered and looked up to him. you'll get him later. he wont see it coming.
  10. the car stops and you look at Alex. he hesitated before opening the door and getting you out. he pulled you out with him and you gave him a shy smile. maybe, just maybe... he'll let you go. he returned with a quick smirk and it disappeared almost immediately. he must have noticed the disappoint in your eyes because he loosened his grip on your wrists and gave you a real smirk for about 3 seconds.
  11. bryan walked out of the car and gave the vale the car keys. he caught Alex smiling at you and immediately grabbed you two by the arms and started whispering something in Alex's ear. you inferred that it was something bad based on Alex's face of anger and disappointment. Bryan walked up to you and escorted you into a large castle.
  12. it was a dark castle with statues of dead animals and hearts with arrows through them. there were many statues of a knife in a heart and weak women in strong arms of men. only, the women looked dead and the man looked evil. the castle was huge it had large dark doors with crowns carved into them.
  13. you sighed as you stopped at the doors and Alex pushed the doors open. what could happen next? an arrow flies out of nowhere and strikes u in the heart? tht would be too easy. Andrew wants you to suffer. you wish tht would happen! why cant it be over with? why cant they leave you alone?
  14. no. im not going into a cliffhanger!! any way, you look and see Andrew and Bell feeding each other grapes. they turned to you and Andrew gave you the same evil glare when you found out he was a jerk...
  15. *FLASHBACK* you were on your 3rd date. he was walking with you in the park. you were very happy. holding hands, resting your shoulder on his, he was whispering cheesy lines in your ear that loved so much!!! you asked, "do you like me? do you truly like me?" he pulled you over to sit at a bench and said, "do i love you? no. do i like you? sure! but, to tell you the truth, im only going out with you for a bet. plus, since you got the cute face and the hot body rockin', and our families are really close friends, i thought you would be perfect!" you were shocked.. you stood up and started walking away. he chased after you and stared into his eyes. he as you saw your reflection, you realizes a tear escaped your eye and was rolling down your cheek. you try to go around him but he grabs your arm.. you just hoped he'd say something cute and romantic but instead, he said, "either you go out with me, or i'll tell the whole school that you're a loser and i will make sure you cry every day for the rest of your life." you replied, " i can live with that. i'm great at faking tears." he tightened his grip on your arm and next thing you know, you were on your knees crying in pain because he was so strong. you agreed to go along with his deal.
  16. you blinked back into reality and found bell walking out of the room and Andrew was finishing his last grape walking toward you. he signaled to Bryan to put you in a dark room and bryan pushed you onward to walk. you yanked your arm away, allowing yourself to walk freely beside him. Andrew said, "ill be right back.. please make your self comfortable." you rolled your eyes when he winked at you.
  17. you walked into a dark room with only a few candles lit. you looked around and saw it was just another dungeon only with a door. you decided to wander around and you sat next to a box full of chains. you fell asleep waiting after an hour.
  18. you woke up and you were on the floor. you felt something on your stomach and it was heavy and hard!! you opened your eyes and as soon as they adjusted to your vision you realized, Andrew was on top of you!! he had his knees on your stomach and his hands holding yours. you struggled to free yourself when he took out a knife. next thing you know he's using force to keep you paralyzed. your arms are over your head, legs apart, and you can barely breath.. . you try to say, "i give up. just kill me already!" but you have no breath. you feel the cold steel on your hands and it is gently touching you. it was softly(not puncturing) dragging along your arm, lips, side of the stomach, down your long legs, and your feet. suddenly, CLIFFHANGER!!!!
  19. btw read the top. its important!

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