Lyrics quiz: Cheerleader

The song cheerleader is a song that came around half a year ago. I first started hearing about it in May, but in August I started listening to it more often.

So how well do you know the song cheerleader? Find out by taking my quiz. This quiz will test your knowledge on how well you know the song cheerleader.

Created by: Sphinx
  1. When I need motivation
  2. Right there when I want her
  3. Do you need me
  4. Oh I think that I found myself a cheerleader
  5. She walks like a model
  6. All these other girls are tempting
  7. Do you think I'm pretty
  8. Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader
  9. She gives me love and affection
  10. Momma loves you too, she thinks I made the right selection
  11. Oh I think I found myself a cheerleader

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