Are You A True Cheerleader

Are you a true Cheerleader? Take this quiz to see if you are ready to be a cheerleader or need to be one!!! This quiz will help you find out if you would qualify to be a cheerleader!

Are you a true cheerleader or a stupid person who sits and watches TV all day and does nothing at all!! Take this quiz and You will find out pretty soon.

Created by: Grace of
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  1. Who cheers for the Cheetas and is considered the best cheerleader in the world?
  2. What is a needle?
  3. What is the best cheer team in the US
  4. What Shoes are the best cheer shoes?
  5. What Shoes are the best cheer shoes?
  6. Do you know who Gabby Butler is?
  7. Do you know who Robert Scianna is?
  8. Do you like Belly showing uniforms or School uniforms?
  9. Do you wear fake nails when you are Cheering?
  10. Do you wear you hair up or down when you cheer?

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