Lucissa forever

This fantastic test will see if you are a real Lucissa fan. There are only 10 medium questions to answer and I really hope all the Lucissa fans enjoy it!

Do you think you got the brain power to answer a few fun Lucissa questions? Are you obsessed with them as much as I am? Well it's time to find out right now!

Created by: Lilliana
  1. When Voldemort asked for Lucius's wand what made him give it up?
  2. When narcissa goes to snapes house why does she start crying and moaning on the ground?
  3. Lucius has...... eyes and Narcissa has ....... eyes
  4. At the world cup for quidditch Harry states that
  5. In deathly hallows part two, when everyone thinks Harry is dead, if you look close you can see Lucius an Narcissa
  6. When Draco is being called by Lucius he only comes when
  7. In half blood Prince, Narcissa states that
  8. When Voldemort is having meetings regularly at their home they feel
  9. Both Narcissa and Lucius have this on their wands
  10. In a lot of fanfictions Lucius is obsessed with

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