Love of the Paranormal *part 1*

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Created by: Music Monster J

  1. "_____!!" your mom called as your alarm went off. You drowsily walked downstairs and into the main room where your mom had your little brother facing her. "What did you do to TJ" she asked. You looked at your little 10 year old brother and grinned. {The night before you had painted your brothers' face all sorts of colors and made sure it was the paint that was hard to get off as revenge for painting your hair different colors the day before.}
  2. "Mom look at my hair!! This is ridiculous!! What all of a sudden I'm not allowed to get revenge!!! That is so not fair!!" She gave you a long stare as if debating this in her head. "Fine I will let it slip for both of you. But next time your both grounded until the paint comes out, this isn't kindergarten so cut it out." She lectured as you rolled your eyes and walked back upstairs to get ready for school.
  3. You looked at the back of your hair and thought oh well good enough. It actually didn't look that bad with color. You put a little skully on the center of your head to block out most of it. By 8:10 you were at school and heading to your first class on your way there you passed by a huge crowd of girls basically fan girling and drooling over Jake the "hottest" notice how I quoted that, in the school. He gave you his famous pearly white teeth smile but you ignored it and rolled your eyes. While you walked into class you felt eyes on you so you turned around. But as you did about 6 guys in the hall way turned the opposite direction including Jake. You didn't think much of it until you sat down in class and remembered that your brother painted your hair so you guessed that's what they were staring at. A few people snickered during class about your hair but you just flicked them off while the teacher wasn't looking. 1st period was a breeze.
  4. You walked out class suspecting the rest of the day to be boring, until a hand snatched you back into the class, you figured it was just your teacher but when you turned around you saw a dark figure with sharp teeth and drool dripping down its chin it looked just like your teacher but with huge white glistening fangs.
  5. "Finally I have found the knemega (pronounced knee mega)" he hissed. *WTF is he talking about???* You mentally asked yourself while ripping from his grip. "Don't touch me" you said punching Mr. Patterson in the face. Then suddenly Jake, Chris, Alex, James, Chase, and Austin, busted down the door. "I knew he was the vampire" murmured Alex. "Shut up let's just kill him already" said Jake. They all lunched themselves at him and began to attack. And in less than 10 minutes your teacher was down for the count unconscious. "Quick ____ come with us! We have to go now !! Before they come" yelled Chris. " They who" you asked totally lost. " No time to explain" Austin blushed as he took your hand into his and teleported you and the other guys out of there. You felt really light headed and your body decided it wanted to pass out at the moment so that's what you did.
  6. You awoke from your slumber with a headache and wanted to know if what happened was a dream or not. You began to walk around in an unfamiliar place and decided that what had happened wasn't a dream. What's going on you thought to yourself? Then you saw Jake on the other end of the hall texting. He looked up at you as if trying to decipher your feelings. "Hey ______ are you okay you fell pretty hard?" he asked sweetly. "Yeah, I guess you could say that." You smiled weakly. "You know if something is wrong you can tell me, right" He said, as he walked towards you. "Tell me what's going on, what's a knemega and how am I one" you asked.
  7. "you might want to sit down" he suggested as you both walked back into the room. "Long ago there was an exotic ruler. She was a knemega, a knemega is the most powerful kind there is out there. You have in your power every power you can think of accept a few. And who ever kills you or marries you will be able to obtain these powers and abilities. So people are going to try to kill you or marry you in order to take your powers." He said. " Wow..." you sighed trying to suck it all in. *At least I know every form of fighting I'll just have to get used powers. Because I do know karate and any other thing they teach out there.* you thought to yourself.
  8. "It's okay you're going to be okay." Jake said looking you straight in the eyes and then putting his hand into yours. You pulled your hand away. And his facial expression made you feel like you just stabbed him. "What's wrong?" Jake asked. "I just..... I'm not looking for a relationship. Right now" you lied. "You're lying" he said looking you straight in the eyes. "How did you know that? "You asked him. "it's my power, I'm a cupids angel, I can feel people's emotions and sense when they are lying or something like that" Jake said.
  9. You looked at him feeling pretty stupid at the moment.*wow* you thought. "I'm sorry Jake your just... I don't know... I ... can't really explain how I feel about you because I don't know how I feel about you". Jake looked at you confused. "You seem like a player so I just don't really want to hook up with you. I just..... I don't know how to explain it" you said. "Oh I see" he said kind of backing off a little bit. "Sorry" you said looking at him and trying to be sincere.
  10. Then you realized your hair was still colored at the center and made sure your hat was still on. Austin walked through the door "Diner" he said. Jake walked out but you sat there and had a bad feeling in your stomach. When you were about to walk out of the door he grabbed you and whispered in your ear "You're not going anywhere, sweetie" in a creepers. You turned to look at him but it wasn't Austin. It was.....
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