Love is true for you part 3

Hi how are you before I start I have an Important thing to say to your eyes today... I'm getting rid of Travis and replacing him with a flirt. Named...

COLE!!! Discribtio: black hair deep exotic green eyes gorgeous british accent and... That's pretty much it plz take part in my competition info in part 2 by

Created by: lovelifelive

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  1. COLE... He raps his arm around you and kisses you lightly on the cheek and suddly he just poofs out of the. Picture and you wake up
  2. You look at your alarm clock and see the time... Its 7:30... Might as well get ready for school you do you hygiene tasks and stare at your closet but end up wearing...
  3. After you wear whatever you head downstairs eat breakfast and head to school (parents left at 7:00). You walk to school like a zombie you didn't look at anyone but just went straight o your locker and got your books for 1st period.
  4. Then you snap out of it when racheal and alex Come to you. "hey _______, what's your first lesson" Rache asks. "mines art" Alex says "mine 2" ou reply. "oh, I have math well any way cya"
  5. Your at class and your asked to draw a picture describing your self. You looked at alex's drawing it absolutely beautiful "wow" you mummble. " thnx ______, you know I love art" he says "yes you do but I do too so any way you know any thing that could help me start drawing at least" you reply "_____ just relax, dip your paint brush in the paint imagine something you REALY think reflects you and just trac it" you do what he says and when you open our eyes you are looking at a bright yet dark dazzling yet simple perfect picture...
  6. Then after that you got maths (btw you got complemented 4 your picture) your walking and you run into cole "hey, who do we have here" he says in a flirty tone (he has a british accent) you can help but smile "I'm _______" you reply still smiling "well see you later... Until then" he said winking in your direction
  7. At maths you don't see Alex but lucky enough you see Shane "hey Shane" you say taking a seat next to him. "hey _______, did you know there's a pop quiz comin up to day" he says. "no, but thats kinda the point... How'd you find out" you say, he replies " over heard the teachers talkin bout it, any who you could copy from me" . "thnx Shane"
  8. Cliffhanger
  9. Sorry had to rap it up running out of battery it's late in England
  10. Hope you ander stand and enjoy and don't kill me for making a crappy cliffhanger

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