Love in a beat! pt.14

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I hope you like this part. I made this part a little scary. I think you will like it. Thank you if your not reading this! I also don't care if you are or not.

If your reading this look up Don't go breaking my heart-Elton John. It's a really good song! I thank all of the people I talk to on GTQ. You know who you are!

Created by: GirlyGothic
  1. I put on a pair of jeans,a shirt that said,"Love is music." and a pair of Nikes. Then I heard my mom walking to the door. I ran downstairs and answered it. It was Jerry.
  2. Jerry smiled and wrapped his fingers around mine, We walked to the car and got in it. He smiled and said,"I have something to tell you." I said,"What?" He kissed my cheek.
  3. Then Michal said,"We are here." He said,"Wait until after the game." I said,"OK." Then we went into the gym. I went on the bleachers and he went to get dressed.
  4. Soon the game started. Everyone cheered. Then a ball went in the basket. There was a lot of cheers then. I cheered on and on. Then I stood up and moved down one bleacher. Then a ball came toward me.
  5. I can hear my heart beat. I breathed hard and the world stopped. Then the ball hit my face. Jerry almost stoppef it. I fell off the bleachers and rolled down. I heard voices surrounding me.
  6. I saw Jerry going down to me. He was saying something but I couldn't hear him. Then everything went pitch black. Then I woke up in the back of a hospital truck. Jerry said,"Hey." I saw some tears falling. I said,"What happened?" He explained it all. He started to cry. I said,"It's OK."
  7. He grabbed on my hand and said,"I know. I just was worried about you." Then we reached the hospital. Everything went balck again. Then I woke back up in a hospital room. Jerry was laying at my feet.
  8. Emily was sitting in a chair beside me. I sat up and crossed my legs. My family,Jerry's family, and Emily was in the room. Jerry said,"Hey Raven. How are you feeling?"
  9. I blinked and said,"I'm fine." Then Emily hugged me. I hugged her back. Then the doctor came in the room. We stopped hugging. The the doctor said,"Hi Raven. I'm Dr.Bing."
  10. Then Jerry kissed me. I kissed back. Then Dr.Bing said,"I know this is Jerry your boyfriend." We stopped kissing and then visiting hours were over. I sighed then Dr.Bing said,"You have a broken nose. We'll perform surgery tomorrow."
  11. I said,"Can I text someone?" He said,"Sure! Here's your phone." I said,"Thanks!" Then texted Jerry. Dr.Bing left the room. I played on CandyCrush soda first.
  12. Then I texted Jerry. I texted,"Hey. How r u?" He texted back,"Fine. U?" I texted,"I have 2 stay in the hopital until 2morrow. I have a broken nose." He texted," I gtg. Bye. Luv u!!!"
  13. Cliff-hanger.

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