Love, Heartbreak, and... Cupcakes? (part 1)

I really hope you like this if not then I am a failure. Plz post in the comments if you liked it or not and if I should make a second one or not.

This is the first story quiz I've made and I really want feedback on it. Thank you for taking this. I'm really nervous because I forgot to have someone proofread it.

Created by: Bobcat

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  1. Ok so fist I want to say hi and also sorry but I'm not going to do a recap at the begging of the next quizzes. This will be in second person so sorry if its confusing. I'm a little tierd so sorry if this seems odd. Please comment if you want me to add or get rid of anything. Now on with the quiz!!
  2. Ring ring! "˜Finally!' You think to yourself as first hour ends.(Oh by the way your a sophomore in highschool.) You rush out of the room and run into someone who's standing outside the door. You jump up and gather up your things while you apologize. When you look up you see purple eyes watching you. You don't recognize him but he is super hot and I mean so hot you cou- sorry back on track here. "Hi I'm _____, You must be new here." you say casually trying not to stare. "Cute name. I'm Jack. Nice to meet you _____. Um I was wondering where my next class was, could you help me find it?" You blush and say "Sure let me see your schedule." He hands it to you. "Oh cool we have the same second hour!" "Really cool. I'd really like to get to know you more, _____." You guys head off to class.
  3. You and Jack talked all through second hour and your teacher didn't seem to care. When you say good bye at your locker he said "Well If you want you can sit with me and my brothers at lunch if you want." "Sure thank. Good luck finding your classes." The bell rings before he can reply and you hurry off into the other direction. When you get to algebra you immediately notice something's off. Some random guy with blond hair and brownish yellow eyes is sitting at your desk and staring at you as though he knows it's your seat. "Hi, sorry this is my seat, but the seat there is open." You try to say as casually as possible. "Oh sorry I didn't know. I'm Ben by the way." "Nice to meet you Ben, I'm _____" "Hot name." "Thanks." You reply, blushing furiously. Man was he hot!!
  4. ~Lunch time!~ (The rest of your morning was uneventful.) You walk into the lunchroom and see Ben and Jack sitting with a guy you don't know. Jack see's you and waves you over. Who do you sit by?
  5. You sit by whoever you chose and jack starts telling jokes about the school with Ben while I talk to Matt. (Aka mystery guy) "Hey _____, do you want a cupcake?" Ben says trying to get your attention. "Sure, what kind?" "Chocolate or vanilla?" "Chocolate" you reply. He hands it to you and you take a warm, gooey bite. Then you noticed Matt staring at you. "What? Do I have something on my face?" You ask. "No, It's just, I've never seen anyone eat a cupcake made by Ben that they didn't barf up." He laughs. "Hey there not that bad!" Ben retorts jokingly.
  6. ~"Oh yes they are." "No their not!" Ben and Matt fight back back and forth. "Oh yes they are you say, putting the cupcake down and siding with Matt and Jack. "There are not! In fact i'll eat one to prove they're good." Ben says defiantly. He pulls one out and takes a bite. After a few seconds he grabs a napkin and spits out the cupcake into it. "Ok their bad." "Finally something we agree on!" Jack exclaims. "Oh hey, ____ I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with us?" What do you say in response?
  7. (I don't care how you answered but I'm making you go anyway) "Sure, what movie?" "Umm, how about the new one, Gods of Egypt?" Matt responded. "OMG I really want to see that I hear it has the best special efects! Also when is it?" "Most likly tomorrow. If not then maybe Saturday. You still up for it?" Ben replied. "I'm still up for it!" "Great we'll pick you up... 7:30ish?"
  8. ~Time forward~ There picking you up for movie in half an hour. What are you going to wear?
  9. Ok so your at the movies now. When you walk in almost every seat is taken but you find a row the has four open spots all next to eachother. You sit on the edge of the group next to Ben. on your other side is a really hot guy thats looking oddly at you. You smile at him and look at the screen. He continues to stair at you. "Can I help you with something?" You ask uncertainly. "Oh, um, sorry no. It's just that I've never seen someone as beautiful as you." You blush and respond by saying...
  10. Whatever you said, he laughed and replied, "Oh by the way I'm Connor." He held out his hand and you shook it. "I'm ____. You look fimiliar. Do you go to my school?" "Ya. I sit behind you in spanish. So, uh, you free Tuesday?" He asked. "Probably, why?" "Oh uh, I'll tell you later the movie is starting." "Right." And then the most obvious thing ever happened. The movie started.
  11. Ok the movie is over now. (I just realized I say ok alot don't I? Btw that was a rehtorical question) "You ready to go ____?" Ben asked as he stood up. "Ya, one second." You grabed your purse and turned around only to find the boys had already started walking towards the door. You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned to see Connor. He smiled and offered to drive you home. "Oh I'm sorry but I came with my friends. Here I'll give you my number. Call me if you need anything, ok? But right now I really got to go." You turned to find that the boys where nowhere in sight. Waalking towards the door you feel something smash into the back of your head. And then... you black out.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!! Mwhahahahaha I'm so evil. Please post in the coments if I should make another one. Also please rate and tell me how I did this was my frist ever story quiz. BYE!!!!! Oh ya I forgot to ask who you like. Sorry but Connor is not in the results. Who do you like?

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