Love found at sea (Part 8)

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Hi! Part 8 is here! Part 7 is out. It didn't show up as a new quiz though! Just take that one before this one or you'll get confused! Just click my name

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Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. "It was my fault that Matthew wasn't reborn...." Richard said as he stood. "What?!" Jacob said. "It all started after I died....." Richard said. "You know what I want to see this in like real picture to belive you...." You say even though you never met Matthew. Richard took in a breath and his eyes glowed a yellow color. Then around you it showed a little time line. Then it started right after you see a girl with red eyes talk with him and float up in the air while she levitated him to fall. He feel on his legs and died the next day. Then it showed him in some type of ghostly form after her talked with a girl. "Right after I died I told this one girl that I would distract a girl named Lily from attacking her in her dreams. We fought for who knows how felt about a month then she trapped me in a pool of darkness and she tortured me into becoming a dark being....." Richard said. It showed him fighting a girl with red eyes, black hair and a black dress with bows. She had a big black bow around her waist, in her hair and around her neck. She did a big wave of darkness at Richard. He did some type of sheild of light. But when the darkness hit it it broke and he drown in the darknessand his hand was up as it tried to get out.(Like Yuri in the second to last episoid after she gives her little speech to the class. She sticks her hand out. Same thing with Richard but no one grabbed his hand) You then see Richard chained up and being tortured. The girl kissed him and he seem to have broken. His hazel eyes turned to a red color. Then she smiled as if her plan worked. "Welcome to the club." She said.
  2. Then it fast forward. Richard was walking with Lily in an icy like cavern. "After that I was kinda in like a trance you would say. Darkness was controlling. I became cruel and I was powerful. I even thought that I loved Lily for a second there." Richard said. "Wait you loved Lily?" Jacob asked. Richard gulped and showed that there was a little love scene that he skipped that he had with Lily. "Yeah....." He said. His face darkened.
  3. "What Lily and the other dark beings wanted to do was to invade the releam of light. Since that I use to be a light being I was able to still get in with out the woman in white knowing exactly." It showed Lily smiling and said "Great job Richard! Now what should we do?" She looked at him with loving eyes. "I'm not exactly sure do whatever you-" He was about to say but the woman in white came and gasped. "Richard?" she said shocked. Lily did a cruel smile and said "Yup he's ours now and forever...." "How could you? You disrupted the destinys of them!" She said. Richard walked up to her and said "I don't think that it was Lily that disrupted the balance in turning me. Yeah she did so but think about how she did so? The being of light perhaps?" Lily looked at him not exspecting for him to pitch in. "I'm mean before I became one of them I was fighting Lily to buy the being of light some time." Richard said. He walked around. He had a cruel evil smile. You knew that that wasn't him. The woman in light looked down. "When she got all her powers she was spending quality time with my brother Prince Matthew. Having the feel of love. Think about it....You know its true...." Richard said. The woman in white looked at him. "This is a little-" She was about to say but Richard said "A little? Excuse me but its the truth not a little, not twisted just the plain facts. So who's really at fault here?" Richard looked at her. Lily looked at them both. Then woman in white said nothing. "I thought so..." Richard's hand glowed with a ball of darkness. He threw it at some type of weird blue flower. It was bloomed and the dark ball hit it.
  4. The woman looked at him and said "What have you done?" "The woman in white for once doesn't know something. Matthew wont be able to be reborn." Richard explained. He walked away while the woman in white froze with thought and shock. "Have a fun time with your little light girl..." Richard said as he walked away with Lily. He smiled. But you knew that it wasn't him. But you couldn't belive what happened right before your eyes. Then the two teleported and then Lily said "Wow Richard! I didn't know that you can be like that!" She kissed his cheek. He smiled and said "It was nothing just trying to have a little fun...." Then the image disappeared and you saw Richard looking down. Jacob punched him. "How could you do that!?" He yelled at him.
  5. "Look I was-" Richard said getting up and saying back to Jacob but Jacob punched Richard again. "Your a terrible brother you know that?!" Jacob said "After all those years in our lives!" Jacob said pulling Richard up by his shirt and threw him at the wall. Richard got up and said "You deserve every right to hate me now. But I wasn't myself back there." Jacob said "Mary brought you back! Why couldn't you come back there!?" Jacob was going to punch him but Richard doged and moved to the side. They then started to fight. Jacob gave most of the punches. "Stop it!" You yell. You try to pull Jacob away but he pushes you and he punched Richard to the ground. He kicked him up to the wall. Richard was kicked like a ball against a wall. You started to cry. Richard started to cough up blood the you heard a big crack. Jacob stepped back and the door opened. You saw Scar with a smile. "How is everyone now?"
  6. "Oh Richard you don't look so good! But you rpain tastes so good though. I guess you told them what happened huh? Oh your mouth filled with blood? Its okay! You'll be fine!" Scar said. "Or maybe not...." He said in a whisper. He smiled cruelly. "You two want a breather out of this bloody room?" He asked. He let you and Jacob out and Richard just layed there. Scar closed the door and locked it. "You looked back as you walked away from it. "How could he do that? But yet he wasn't himself...." You thought. You look at Jacob. He didn't look like his happy and cheery self.
  7. Jacob's POV:How could he? My own brother! Because of him Matthew never got reborn! He deserved those punches and more! But yet again that crack. Lily what she did to him to buy Arua the light being time.......the darkness that consumed his wasn't him.....*Remebers when kicking Richard* I hate you! I looked up to you after Matthew's heart break! Your intelligance! Your emotionless emotions. How you can take a terrilbe humiliation and bad events but you show no fear or anger! How could you to Matthew! You deserve to die again and again and again!!*Back to present thoughts* That blood, that crack.......he deserved it all......
  8. Richard's POV while knocked out: "I deserve every single kick and punch for what I have done......I should have never gave in........I just deserve all of the mercyless toturement for what I have done......" A tear runs down your cheek. "I'm a terrible brother....."
  9. Back to your POV: You walk with Jacob behind Scar. Your eyes were a little puffy from crying and Jacob was deep in thought. "So where are you taking us?" You asked to break the silence. Scar looked behind him from the corner of his eyes and his eyes glowed "Like turn you...." Then other dark beings tackled Jacob and you went to run but you fell from a strange force.
  10. You turn around to see Scar smiling as he made you fall. He walked to you. Your heart thumped and you heard footsteps. Not behind you but in front of you. You look up and see Richard. His eyes are red and he did a ball of darkness at Scar. Scar doged and back away. "Wait how can you use your powers of darkness if you not a dark being any more?" Scar asked. "I'm still a dark being. That never left. But I grown to control it." Richard said and hs eyes stopped glowing and a he did a lighting of light at Scar. Scar barely doged it but behind that strike was a wave of darkness. Scar disappear and Richard pulled you up and he said "Come on he wont be gone for long." He light kicked the guys hanging onto Jacob. Jacob tried to punch him but Richard's eyes glowed red and Jacob's hand moved slow. "You don't have time for this. Your going to leave the dark releam now." Richard said. You heard howls. "Great there they seen the hell hounds." He cursed. "Why should we trust you?" Jacob said. "Probably can't and wont but I'm the only one here that'll let you out you little stupid prince!" Richard said. Then he shook his head and said "Sorry didn't mean that the dark powers changed my personality there for a second..." He did look a little dizzy. Like he was trying to hold back a evil cruelness deep inside. "Lets go!" He touched your shoulders and next thing you knew you were back on the Sieshin. You saw that everyone was on patrol. Jarrad pulled out his swords on you. "Whoah whoah! Its us!" You all say. Jarrad lowered his sword and said "Your all okay! I knew that you would be back!" You turned to see Richard and he said "See you later. I'll buy time and this time I wont give in..." Then he disappeard like black dust with light sparkles in them. You turn and saw that Jarrad didn't notice Richard's voice. "Wheres Richard?" He asked. You and Jacob look at each other and he says "He didn't make it..." He lied. You see Jarrad's smile fade. "He's dead?" He asked. "Yes....." You say. You see Carl and he asks "Hey! Wait where is Richard?" "Dead...." You and Jacob say at the same time. Carl froze for a second there. Tears swelled up in his eyes but didn't touch his cheeks. "Oh.....I gotta have a minnute...." He walked away.
  11. Hi! Thats the end of part 8! Part 9 will be out soon!

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