Love found at sea (Part 7)

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Sonna nichjiou ni fukinukeru kaze Kikoeta ki ga s---a Kanjita ki ga s---a n da! Furudaseu ima kono mune de. Such winds past my everyday life. I thought that I heard it. I even thought that I felt it. Now it starts to take within my chest. I thought that it would come soon.....

Created by: Wolfygirl

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  1. Jacob mumles and pulls the lever. Then the emtied pole above the current pole seemed to drop down some rope and some sails. It had the same mark of a phoenix. "Cool!" Everyone said. "Wait what happened?" Jarrad asked. "Lets sail her shall we?" Jaocb said. Then everyone got to stations and soon the ship started to sail at a mazing speed and there was barely a breeze. She was quick and agile and just the pefect ship for an adventure. You walked around the deck and saw Jacob and Richard playing chess. Richard looked like he was about to lose but he seemed confidant. Jacob's looked focused and ready. Richard moved a piece. Then Jacob smiled and said "Check and mate my man." He said as Richard's king was out in the open of the chess board. Richard smiled and said "You really need to start thinking about better stratagies brother. Cause I'll be the one saying check mate today...." He moved his knight and got Jacob's king. Jacob looked at him and said "Drat! And my entire life I've been practicing chess for I don't know and beat everybody in my town then you beat me!" He continued on and you giggled. Jacob noticed you and cleared his throat "Oh...didn't notice you there......" Richard then started to laugh. "What?" Jacob asked. Richard said "You were just being you Jacob...." Richard got up and cleaned the chess table up. He left and Jacob said "Havn't seen you since-" Jacob was about to say to you but Richard interupted saying "Jacob Can you help me with the ropes. They are in a really bad knot and it's going to take a while with them." Jacob nodded and left.
  2. Jacob's POV: You left _____ alone. You followed Richard to the deck so where no one was. "What did you want to talk to me about?" You asked. Richard looked at you and said "She doesn't remember anything." "You mean with the kingdom in our past life?" You asked. He nodded. "Why?" You asked. "Whenever she is reborn she can't remember her past life." Richard said. "So her name is not ____. Anymore?" You asked. "No she isn't in this life she is Aura. Okay but she must not know about the past life at all." Richard explained. "Why not?" You asked. "Its how its always been and the woman in white didn't want it to change." Richard said. "Why do we have to listen to her?" You asked. "Because she's from the hevens. If someone from the hevens gives specific orders then we should follow them." Richard said. You sighed. "Fine but another question. Where is Matthew?" You ask. "He didn't get reborn....." Richard looked down. "What happened?" You asked. "How should I know?" He said. But you know your brother. He always knows something. And whenever he doesn't and its something big then he'll look at the floor or not at your eyes. But you knew to get information out of him you have to have him feel guilty and its hard to do that cause he can be so emotionless at times. Or at least thats what he shows. You nodded and walked away.
  3. Back to your POV: You walked outside and saw Jacob and Richard talking. They seemed to be arguing about something. Richard looked down for some reason. Jacob then left. "Hey is something wrong?" You asked. "Oh no _- Arua. I was just talking to my brother." He said. "What about the ropes?" You asked. "Oh when we got out here we found out that Taylor unknotted them." He said. You nodded and he left. Weeks passed and you would try to ease drop on Jacob's and Richard's conversation. But they would always end it right before you caught a single word. You wanted to know what they were talking about.
  4. Jacob's POV: You walk slowly on the deck and see Richard. You tried to make him feel guilty but your not triggerin it. "I'm sick and tired of all his secrets....." You mumbled. The ship started to shake. You almost tumbled over. You then see that there was a big leathery monster in the water. No it wasn't leathery. It was wings. But you also noticed that it was more then just wings. It was a sworm of dark beings. They landed on deck an you grabbed your sword ready to fight. You saw the dark being that was controlling you. He had red hair and black eyes. His skin was pale and he had black clothing on that was prince like. He smiled and said "Hi Jacob nice to see you!" You heard the others get on deck. You look to your side and see Richard along with Carl, Taylor, Pip, Mac and Jarrad. Scar smiled. "Wow! The two princes fighting side by side as always! Well not always.....right Richard." You then remembered that Lily tortured Richard into becoming on of them. Richard looked down and back at Scar "Well don't worry I never really considered you as a friend. With you weak sword fighting and stupid comments." He said as calmly as ever. Scar's smile fadded. He forced it back and said "Don't worry! I'll bring more of a challenge to you. I brought in the whole crew!" He stepped back and there you saw more people that looked like him. Big and small. Male and female. "Get off of my ship" You say. He smiled and his eyes glowed a red color. "Lets the fight begin then....."
  5. Back to your POV: You and the entire crew did your best to fight off the vrew. The battle went on for days no stop. You grew tired and weak. Then you could barely stand after the thrid day. You were hungry and thirsty. Your legs gave in. You collapsed. You heard Jacob said "No! Let her be!" You felt someone pick you up. "See you later..." Scar said. You felt like you were in the middle of a storm. You blacked out.
  6. You open your eyes in a snow like room. Extcept the snow was black. You looked around and see Jacob and Richard sitting across from each other. "Your okay! Thank goodness." Jacob said. "Are you okay?" Richard asked. You nodded and asked "Where are we?" "The dark releam........" Richard said. His face seemed to get dark. You noticed that something was different about him. But you couldn't put your finger around it. You look at Jacob and he says to Richard "Okay so how do we get out?" He asked. "We don't....." Richard said.
  7. "What do you mean?" You asked him. "The dark releam is made so no person can get in or out unless they know dark magic or are a dark being themselves." He said. "So how are we in here?" Jacob said. "Scar teleported here with Arua and you when you were going to tackle him." "Okay so you and Jacob were going to tackle him?" You say. Richard nodded. The door unlocked and you see Scar. "Hi everyone!" He said cheerfuly.
  8. Jacob went to him to attack him but some weird force prevented him from doing so. He fell and looked at Scar "Let us out." He commanded. "No I don't feel like it." Scar said. "What do you want with us?" You asked. "Nothing except you." Scar smiled. "Please don't tell me that your in love or something..." Jacob said. "No she's not my type." Scar said. "Then for what?!" You yelled. "Maybe to tick you torture you or.......I can ;et you out....." He said smiling. "What?" You said. "I'll think about it or Richard can explain to everyone why Matthew wasn't reborn! Your choice Richard!" He said smiling. Richard said nothing. "Okay! Guess it'll be the dark room for you three! Bye bye!" He slammed the door.
  9. Jacob looked at him and said "What happened with Matthew?" Richard looked down. "RICHARD!" You yelled. He stood up and said "It was my fault that Matthew wasn't born......"
  10. Hi! Thats the end of part 7!

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