Love found at sea (Part 2)

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Hi! It me with part 2 of Love found at sea! I finished "Life has more meaning to it." Hope you enjoyed all of it! Right now I'm listening to My Soul your beats! Oh and on the results I made a mistake on if you get a guy. The disciption is wrong about his taking people. That part that he's clever and smart and all that is right except that he was part of the crew that took you. I'm so sorry that was a big typing error! I messed up cause I was typing fast and all. I'm so sorry!

Its forign but a great song. You find the meaning and its a good song! Other then my learning foriegn languages experiences, I hope you enjoy the quiz!

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. You then were forced into a room. They locked the doors behind you. You banged at the door but no one came. You grew tired and went to sleep. You woke up in the corner. You yawned and stretched your arms. You looked around and see a bed, desk and a dresser. "I could have slept on a bed if I saw it." You thought. You heard foot steps and the door unlocked. The door opened and there stood a young man that was your age. He had hazel eyes with chesnut hair (Looks like oyoama from angel beats) He had a scholor sailor like clothing on. It was a white shirt with brown pants and brown shrot tunic covering his white shirt. He was muscular but not buff. Had no beard or mustache. "Good morning, welcome aboard the-" He said in a young high pitched voice but you said "Who are you?". "Guess your kinda mad about your father and stuff." He said. "I'm Richard by the way. I thought that you might want to get out of this boring room and feel the nice breeze of the sea." Your eyes grew wide and you nodded. He led you out of the room and there you saw the entire deck. You saw the big endless open sea. The water was nice a clear and peacful. You saw crew men big and small pulling ropes, moving barrels, sparring, and more. Everything that you read about how to handle a ship for it to glide easyily. There was no flag though. "Wow...." You said.
  2. "CAPTAIN ON DECK!" A man yelled. Then everyone stopped and lined up. You heard footsteps and turned around to see a guy in his 40's with blond hair and sky blue eyes. He had a big red jacket that went down to his feet with black boots, red pant's and a black shirt with a sword and gun at his side. He had a rope of amo around his torso. "So your the girl that got snuck on this ship huh? He said. You got nervous and nodded. "Well your crew did drag me onto this ship." You said. "No we did not those were high jackters. They were trying to steal our ship. We didn't know about you until we saw you asleep in the spare room." "Wait you didn't know?" You asked shocked. He nodded. "SHIP AHEAD! NORTH EAST OF THE PORT BOW!" A guy yelled. "Get prepared to stop the muggers!" The captain yelled. Then everyone lined up ran to get poles and ropes. You notice that there is only 8 people total on the ship. Including you and the captain. There was you, the captain, Richard, a old muscular man with a green eyes and white hair. One of his eyes was a dead one. One guy was a muscular man with brown hair and blue eyes. There was a blind man with a blind fold and blond hair sticking out from the top. One guy was steering with red hair and yellow brown like eyes. There was then the guy on the top by the sails so you couldn't see him.
  3. The other ship came closer. They brought the poles out far enough so they can get to the other ship. "So how are they suppose to get across with a small pole like that?" You asked the captain. "It's all in balance. You see Richard taught the entire crew how to balance on a thiner pole for and hour. So it would be easier for us to get to the other ship while it's harder for the other ship to get on ours." The captain explained. He was right. On of the other ship's crew tried to get across on the pole but he fell. One was about to get to the middle. He was moving slowly. Keeping his balance. But then the blind man came onto the pole and knocked him down with the hilt of one of his twin swords. You looked at the muscular guy who knocked them down with punches of his big hands. The old man came with a sword and almost cut the other guy's arm. The other guy jumped off scared. Then Richard ran on the pole with quick speed to the other ship. The ship started to leave so the guys took back in the poles and Richard came back on a rope and jumped onto the deck. The ship left and the blind man said "Yeah go back to where you came!" Everyone yelled in agreement.
  4. "So you guys are not a merchant ship or a pirate ship. What type of ship is this?" You asked confused. The captain smiled and said "This ship is a pirate ship. But we do not pillage or steal. We don't follow a king of certain place. You see our type of crew is different. We come from a society in Eroupe yes but its a top secret society that no one know about. We have no leaders that we follow. Its like a democracy society but we don't elect leaders to make out desisions. We meet up and make disisions from there." The captain explained. "You mean there is more ships like this one?" You asked. "Yes" The captain said. "Okay you have such a small crew though for a ship." You say "How do control it?" "It's all in quickness and stratgy." Said the blind man. "I'm Jarred by th way.
  5. "I'm Pip" Said the big muscular guy. He had a big green shirt and bage shorts. He had dark brown hair with hispanic colored skin. "I'm O'ley Mac! You can just call me Mac!" Said the old man. He green eys one was a dead eye with white hair and s striped red and white shirt with green pants. He shook your hand. "I'm Carl!" He said. He had a blue tunic with navy blue pants and a green shirt. "I'M TAYLOR!" yelled the guy up by the sails. He was the one yelling captain on deck and all that.
  6. "So any more questions?" The captain asked. You shook your head. Then you saw a eagle like bird land on a barrel. It was a dark brown color with cream feathers here and there with a cream belly. It's bigchocolate brown eyes showed intelligance. "Whats an eagle doing out at sea?" You asked. "Thats not and eagle. It's a red tailed hawk. An't she a beauty?" Said Pip. She looked at you and pulled a note from it's talons. It was wrapped carfully in a small container. She handed it out to the captain and Richard gave her a small fish. She ripped through it and ate it. Richard gently patted her head. She made a little squak that sounded like it was echoing. The captain read the note and wrote down another on the paper. He put it in the container and kept it. "She must be tired from traveling from the atlantic." Mac said. The hawk flapped and flew into the air onto the sails where Taylor was.
  7. "What did the note say?" Asked Jarred. "Nothing" The captain said. "Captain-" Jarred was about to say but the captain said "Back to stations. Its time we visit the meeting." Eveyrone nodded and said "Aye aye captain!" Then they moved with great speed and turned to a certain direction and soon in great speed the ship was going to where the sun setted.
  8. Then the ship was all put in a certain way so that people don't need to sail it by hand. You smelled in the sea air. You walked by the rim and looked down. "So what do you think? You want to go back home?" Richard asked as he looked at the ocean two feet away from you. "Its pretty cool. But I don't want to go home." You say. "You like the sea life so far?" He asked. You nodded. "I was always fasinated by it." You said. He nodded in agreement. "So I hear that you came up with the pole idea huh?" You said smiling. "I did." He replied. "What made you think of it?" You asked. "I thought it would be easier. Everyone in this crew is so great so I thought about it and trained them how to balance." You nodded and said "I'm curious how your ships havn't been seen or heard rumors about it." "Well we are actually heard of. We sometimes might be known as the ghost ship. Because we can move with ease quickly and quietly people think that we are a ghost ship" He explained. "But have you ever thought of an actual name for the crew or the ship?" You asked. "No we havn't this ship has a long history but was never given a name for whatever reason. They say that this ship use to to belong to a royal family of old times. They had three sons. The story goes on and on about this properious kingdom and a beautiful castel. But all names there was forgotten. This ship is the last of that great and mighty kingdom. Many have tried to find it but couldn't. Then people found this beauty. Well actually we did. The name was scratched out and we havn't found any signs of the royal family or anything. But it's stories go on and on." He said looking down. He seemed to be deep in thought.
  9. He looked at you and said "Well if your going to be sailing with the crew and all. I think you should change into more proper clothes for the job." "But I'm a lady, I'm suppose to wear-" You were about to say but he led you to a room. There was a bunch of different clothes. He picked and big white shirt with w yellow tunic and orange pants. "Is that good for you?" He asked. You nodded and he left so you can change. The shirt was a little big on you but the short small tunic helped it stay on you. The head was a little big so one end was at your neck and the other was at your shoulder. You put on th orange pants(Like the pants in Aladian. But orange. Thats how all of their pants are) You found a brush and combed your straight hair. You put on a blue coat that reached to your feet. It was like everyone elses but blue. It was a sailor jacket with pokets but silver outlining and on the back there was a necklace that you didn't reconize with a firy bird holding it with it's claws. You put it on and some brown boots that you tied on tight. You walked out and Richard was there waiting for you. He saw you and nodded in approval. "You now look like a sailor." He said. You nodded and smiled.
  10. You followed him. "That captain wouldn't mind if I help you guys with the ship?" You asked. "Not at all!" Pip said. "It would be our pleasure!" Jarred bowed. But he was a little off from where you were standing. He was acing more to your left. "I'm right here." You say. "Oh sorry! I heard Pip and....yeah" He smiled. You smiled back. Then each of the crew members tried to teach you each of the skills to sail a ship. Each person specialized at something. Taylor was great at climbing the ropes and fixing the sails. Pip was great at changeing the direction of the sails with his strength so that they would always get the wind. Jarred was great with the cannons and taught you everything about them.
  11. Mac was great at tieing knots and setting up the poles. He could fix any broken part on the sjip with Jarred. Carl was good at fixing the ship's bottome to change the direction of the angle so they could do their sharp turns. Richard was good at ordering the ship when the captain was not there and he could fix any leaks and make it look like there was no leak at all. Each had taught you every day with their different skills. At first it was confusing but after a while you got the hang of it all. It was pretty tough and hard. But they knew that you could do it. You talked with each guy each day and enjoyed them all. It was like they were family. A new better family.
  12. Then one day you heard Taylor yell "FINAL DESINATION!" You turned around and see a group of ships. They were all different in size, design, and the whole ships themselves. They all were around each other. Like the ship you were on the ships held no flags.......
  13. End of part 2!

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