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  • Well, you don't really have to delete them , you could just edit the words (perhaps make multiple endings) like if you like Connor then make a result wherein what does Connor think about you. The story looks okay but, I couldn't understand it a bit. Sorry if my opinions were harsh :( or maybe you could ask someone to help you with it

  • This story was amazing. Why do you want to restart? So what if it was your sisters? It is an amazing story and I loved it which is a big thing coming from me. But anyway, It's your decision, just don't change jake.... I mean, yeah.... :/ ol^_^lo...... lol

  • I love this story dont edit anything it is perfect just please continue, and maybe make the story parts longer

    Maddie Hollywood
  • What do you mean by editing like checking for parts that are like inappropriate for people to read. By the way........ NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! I'm also planing on making a series,which is gonna be the first.

  • everything was good but there was some tiny spelling mistakes!!^.^ please part 9

  • ...


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