Love can Bite part 1

GUYS THIS IS BEING EDITED! Hi! This is my first story quiz so if it sucks dont hate me. Its only my first one! Please comment and give suggestions! I was inspired to make this by Jade Black. Jade~ please make Vampire Peak part 31 soon!

MUST READ!!!! If you' re a boy dont take this its girls only plus its from a girls point of veiw. The results dont matter because I just put the same thing on all of them :D ~ Mistyheart13

Created by: Mistyheart13

  1. So you're a high school girl, you're 15, and you have black hair and blue eyes that change colors. The colors? Varieties of blue, green, and purple(yes purple).
  2. So you get up and groan because you have school today. You want to look cool because its your first day. What do you wear?
  3. ( btw anything written between 2 of these * is me talking) You walk to school with your bff B,reana. *BTW your name is Katherine Katie for short.*
  4. As ur walking Breana ( u call her Bre) spots aboys. One has black hair green eyes, one brown hair blue eyes , and another blonde hair choclate brown eyes
  5. Bre waves um over. "Hi guys!" She says. "Hi" they reply
  6. they look at u. Bre intruduses u. "Katie, meet Conner, Tresten, and Jake. Guys this is Katherine, but u can call her Katie. " btw tresten is green eyes, Connor is blue eyes and jake is the blondie
  7. You go through the school day and then since Bre took a ride with a friend u walk home lone. U stop by dunkin donuts for a bite to eat.
  8. You walk out and notice some guy with red eyes follow ing u. U notice he starts 2 run but u cant outrun him. He catches up 2 you and you no hes a vamp when he bites u. You fall as some1 attacks him u see conner knock him out. The last thing u sea is conner kneeling over u askin nif u were ok and then u black out.
  9. U wake up in a room with light blue walls and white clouds. Conner is sitting by the bed asleep. He lifts his head. His eyes light up when he sees ur awake. "How do u feel?" he asks. " ok" u reply. He sighs i n releif. " thank the lord! We were worried when Drake started following u. We were afraid he would kill u cause he never goes back on his word..."
  10. "Wait, start from the begining. First of all whos we?" u ask. " We is me, Tresten and Jake. So start from the begining? Ill do that. So your mom lied 2 u 2 keep u safe and told u ur dad was dead but hes not. Hes a vampire like us and he is the king so ur the princess. Drake wants 2 end the royal line so hes starting with u because he wants 2 lure ur father out of hiding. I know this is alot 2 understand at once so we will talk after dinner. Dinners in an hournso be ready. " then he left.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!! Sorry ill make part 2 soon!

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