Love at Hogwarts the Last Chapter


This is boring why do we have to right in this? I'm confused also if this isn't on my account I will officially start a new one. Great just great! Enjoy

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. Harry jumped from Hagrids arms. "Expelliarmus!" Voldemorts wand went flying. The fight begin. Screw being thought. Insted of little charms you killed about fifty percent of the deatheaters you turned around holding your wand up. You gasped
  4. It was Draco his wand was up to. "Birdie....." "Lower your wand" you said you voice shaky. He lowered it. "Why do you still fight for him? Why cant you be one of us?" "My parents would think I was a disgrace!" "Screw them! They dragged you into this not your self!" He gave a little smile and lowered his wand. "I hope I see you again" "What" He desapperated. You stood back in shock.
  5. Voldemorts wand went flying again. Harry muttered a spell you had never heard of and Voldemort screamed in agony as peice by peice broke apart and flew in the wind like paper
  6. "Harry what do we do with it?" Ron asked. "We? It's Harry's decision!" you said. Harry looked at it. He smiled and threw it over the bridge. "What now?" "We help everyone."
  7. You walked around the castle for stragglers and you ran into Neville. "Birdie I found the sword! Gryffindors sword that only a true Gryffindor can find!" He said picking you up and spinning you around.
  8. You walked around the castle. "Hello little bird!" you turnedaround it was Draco You beamed and ran over to hug him. "Its over...Its all over" you said. He smirked. "I heard." You let go and smiled.
  9. 19 years later
  10. will you miss me?

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