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Year 4 is here! And it is the tri-wizard games! How are you coping with it. You'll make a best friend out of Fleur an elegant french girl. Does she help you with boy troubles?

Hey guys! I hope you are enjoying these quizzes. I may have to stop for a while due to exam and assessment preparation. What can I say. "The work at Highschool sucks"This is why i'd rather be at Hogwarts!

Created by: PeculiarGirl1

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  3. You and Ron spent the rest of the day together talking about your life and mainly eating. He was your best friend but you felt a bit of you longing to be more.
  4. It was time for dinner but before you entered someone grabbed you and pulled you into a class room. It was Cedric
  5. He started kissing you. "And that was for?" "For pleasure."He smirked you giggled. After kisses it turned into a makeout session.
  6. After a while he pulled back. "After quidditch, I want to start a life with you." "And how will that work, Mr Diggory?" He smirked. "We'll move into a cottage and live happily ever after with a family...""That is why I am going to say yes...""Really."You nodded and he embraced you.
  7. It waas the day of the final match. It was a labyrinth and the cup was in the middle. The components went in. It was 2hrs, Fleur and Viktor came out unconsious while Cedric and Harry were still in there. You stood up and walked towards the maze. "Birdie what are you doing?""I love that You and Ron care about me but frankly I don't want my boyfriend and best friend dead." They nodded and went in. You heard shoutong. It was Cedric and Harry. "Take it!" "No you, you saved me!" "Follow me!" You cried and started running. When you got there they weren't.
  8. "It's a port key!" you said as you pulled your wand out and put it on the stone. "Hold on tight!" You said as you all teleported. As soon as you got there. Cedric was lying on the floor and Harry was crying. Wormatail was there and he chucked bones and blood into a couldron. "Harry?" "He killed Cedric." You stopped. Hermoine was shaking you. "Birdie, Birdie?" "Voldemorts here!" Ron shouted. You looked up at him and you swore at him. "Fisty one aren't you? Oh your that peregrine girl it was a pleasure killing your parents."You ran at him cying but deatheaters pulled you back.
  9. "Oh harry dear forgot you were there!"He shouted and let the couldron go. "I figured a new torture!"He pointed his wand at you. "Imperius!" Voices told you to fight Harry. You had no control you picked your wand up. "Expelliarmus!" Harry dogded it. "I'm so sorry!"You shouted then turned to Voldemort. "Crucio!" Wormtail blocked the shot and he screamed. Deatheaters attacked. You fought for your parents and for Cedric. "Expelliarmus!" Harry shouted as Voldemortshouted "Avardakadavra!" It was a fight but spirits came out of Voldemorts wand. It was Harry's parents and Cedric. They were telling Harry and he got stronger. Voldemort soon had to retreat. Before Cedric Left he called out to you. "Love you bird!"You had a mental breakdown. You ran to his body and hugged it Harry hugged him to but you pushed him away. Soon you were back at the start from the cemetary
  10. Everyone was cheering until Harry shouted. "Voldemort killed Cedric!"Everyone stopped Mr diggory cam down and hugged you and his son. Mad eye Moody had to drag you and Harry off Cedrics body. You were screaming at him and hitting him to let you go. "How many deatheaters were there?" "Proffessor I never said there were deatheater."Moody stopped locked the door and pointed the wand at you. "Don't you dare touch her!" "Oh I won't but my curse will!" At that time the proffessors came in. Mcgonagal whisked you away.
  11. It was two weeks after Cedrics death and you refused to sleep, eat drink and come out of your room. You perched at the window curled yourself into a ball and was silent. Ginny gave up talking to you. Hermoine didn't. Fleur sat with you everyday trying to make contact but failed. "I have to leave today.." "No don't go! Move to Hogwarts! I have No reason to live without you! I've lost everything!"She started to cry and Hugged you. "Everything will be alright we'll write and I'll see you through bill wealesy."You cried to and it was soon time for her to leave
  12. Luna visited you alot and refused to go. You amde alot of contact to her because she was your only comfort. One day she said. "My cousin was wondering if he could see you." "Fine just tell him don't expect me to talk."She nodded and left the room skipping.
  13. The next day Draco came in. You ran to him and hugged him while crying. "My dear cousin said you wouldn't make contact with me.""Well I didn't know that you were him!" You both sat at the window looking at eachother. "Don't you have a girlfriend?" "The truth is I was Jealous you were with Cedric so Ifought back.""Phew""Why?" "I thought she used one of the love potions I gave her."He laughed. You slappe dhim. "What was that for?" "Being you.."Then you leant in and kissed him. He pulled back. "Your much as I want to you don't know what you want.""SHUTUP! I'm sick of people saying that! What if it what I want? I liked you for a long time but.." He stopped you by kissing you. It turned into a makeout session.
  14. It was the end of the year. As much as your friends told you Draco was bad news they accepted him as your boyfriend. When you said goodbye to your frineds because you refused to go to your foster parnts you stayed with Draco at Hogwarts. It was a crap year but all you knew was the you must get revenge!
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