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if you havent read first one please do!!Blood On The Dance Floor "Believe" Official Music Video just filling in here.Blood On The Dance Floor - Bewitched (Official Music Video)

Blood On The Dance Floor - Bewitched (Official Music Video)i love this band and others im so bored and in trouble just filling in i type at a slow pace 30 wpms

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  1. You get up instantly and run with the rest of the girls to the common room."Sirius Black,Sirius Black was in my room!"wailed Ron.You see Mcgonagal came and make everyone go to bed.She beckons you to join her though. "Faith,do you know if your father is any where near here?""No Proffesor.Maybe Ron had just imagined it was him.""Well,then go back to bed.""yes, ma'am."As you fall asleep you dream about...
  2. The next morning your at Hagrid's class and your not really paying attenion becuase you were thinking."He bit me!That thing attacked me!"you hear Draco moan.You look up and see him clutching his arm.Hagrid carries him to the infirmary as you ask Hermione what just happened."Oh Malfoy was just messing with Buckbeak and he bit his arm.""Oh well he probaly earned it."you say."Ya,totally."says Harry as he walks up."Anyways"he starts"Why did Mcgonagal pull you away last night,Faith?Did you do something?""Oh no, it's just that,um.Well you see it's kinda private."you say in a rush.Just then Ron walks up and you leave.
  3. As your walking away you bumb into a guy.You look up and say sorry while staring into his deep,thoughtful brown doe eyes."I'm sorry.I'm Oliver, by the way.Who are you?"he asks."Umm ya.I'm Faith Black."you answer."And it's not your fault I should'ev been watching where I was going.""Well then it's both our faults.""Umm sure.Whatever you say."you say."Oy, Oliver.What are you doing?"yells a famailar voice."Hey, Fred.Where's George?"you ask."Oh, you already have a favorite one of us?Well your boyfriend is in the common room looking for you.I see you've met our quiditch captain.""He's not my boyfriend,Fred and I do not have a favorite one of you.Yet.Bye Oliver and Fred."you say and go to the common room.
  4. *skips to common room*"Hey Faith.What's up?"asks George." I was talking to Oliver and Fred told me you were looking for me.So what do you want?"you say."Well, umm.Wait you met Oliver?""Yes, he's very nice.Now I demand you tell me what you wanted to see me for?""Ok,ok ms.bossy.I wanted to now if you were going to try out for quiditch?""Umm, actaully no because I have bathophobia, fear of falling from a high place and being on a broom is a high place.""Ok then see you at dinner."And he leaves.
  5. As your at dinner you sit in between George and Hermione,with Ron next to Hermione and Harry and Fred across from you and Oliver next to George."Due to certain accorances(?) everyone will have to sleep in the great hall tonight."Dumbledore said.You heard the slytheryns complain loudly but you did'nt care."Omg it'll be like a freakishly huge sleepover!!!!!!"you pracitaclly yell at Hermione."Wow is someone excited about sleeping on the floor.""Oh haha, Hermione."you answer."Woah, did Hermione really just joke about something?Your a miracle worker Faith."laughs George."Why thank you,I try ever so hard."you reply in a british accent."Hey, that's offesive!""How so?I don't think so. I mean if I take the time to try and copy a british person's way of speech you should be flattered.""Well, when you put it that way.""I win George.""What?!No way.""Ya she kinda did George."agree Hermione and Harry."What are you agureing about?"asks Oliver."We're not argueing we are debating who won."you say."Man what happened?Did Hermione brainwash you, Faith?Your using such big words."jokes Harry."Oh haha, Harry."Hermione snaps back."Shh everbody."Fred says.
  6. Oh man i feel as if that one sucked.Oh well.I'm sorry.
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  9. I just realized I asked weird questions on some of the answers.So. Yepporoni's.Oh and bathobia is a real phobia meaning fear of falling of high places.
  10. yepporoni! if you get fred it is george!sorry and it says i took george away when it means fred

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