Love and Tragedy

Well this is a quiz about love and stuff its really long. i decided to put everything in one whole story so yeah. Hope you like my quiz and thats it yup

no right or wrong answers. it might be sad. like i said before hope you like it. Leave some awesome comments rate high please. ill like to have it in the 1 in top 40. Thamk you.

Created by: 15jackie1

  1. Its morning and its time for your morning jog outside. You put on some comfy clothes and head out the door. As your joging you feel as if something or someone is following you you start to get a little freaked out so you decide to to back home. As your about to turn around and go back home someone grabs you from behind and covers your mouth. Your shaking and breathing so heavy you try to break free but that only causes him to tighten his grip on you.
  2. I'm going to let you go but don't scream okay" You nod your head in response. He let's you go and you hit him where it hurts. He falls down and is screaming in pain so that gives you time to escape. As your running you hear the guy scream someones name but of course you don't care and continue to run. You've ran so much that you stop to take a break. "My legs hurt so much" "What am i going to do". Your looking around for a place to sit down and rest "perfect" a log so you sit down and think about where you are going. "My house is far away from here so now what" Ugh i don't know what or where to go". You stand up and just when your about to stand up you hear a voice.
  3. "Thought you got rid of me huh?" He grabs your arm and you say " What do you want me for!!" " Let go!!!!!" You see i saw you and i thought that you were beautiful and now i want you to be with me forever. " I don't even know you! How do you want me to be with you if i don't even know you!!!" You will know me its just a matter of time. " My name is Diego" . Okay so i know your name that doesn't even matter! I still don't know you!! Either way your still coming with me whether you like it or not!
  4. He puts a bag over your head and covers your mouth. Your really scared. It feels like you were in that car for like 5 years. Finally you arrive somewhere he gets you off the car and takes off the bag but keeps the thing covering your mouth. He makes you walk. He opens the door and the place is huge. "Sir where do i park your car says an unfamilliar voice you turn around and see a guy with blond hair and blue eyes. "Put it in the back" "Yes sir" he says and walks away. Diego put you in a room and shut the door plus locked it. You took off the think that was covering your mouth. And began to cry. " I want to go home" You lay down on the bed and fall asleep.
  5. Later that day you open your eyes and see 2 people standing by the window you see Diego turn around but quickly close your eyes. He walks over and strokes your hair. But sees that your asleep or so he thought. He walks back over to the window and talks to the same guy again. But this time they go out into the porch.
  6. You decide to make a run for it. You get up so fast that they did not see you. You run run run until your out of breath and stop You know by now he noticed that you were gone so you had to think about something Fast. You decide to go further into the woods. As your running you bump into someone you fall and scrape your knee. But you get up and say " I'm sorry i didn't see you" Its okay Darling said an old woman. "Are you okay she said " I think so" Come here let me see " Oh honey its bad come with me and i will help you my house is not far away from here. " Yes please you say". It doesn't take long when you enter its Huge!! " Like it she said" "yes its beautiful. Not trying to be rude but are you a princess? Yes i am i live here with my son Logan. Come over here I'll help you with that cut on coming. You sit down and she calls out Logan. " Logan come here please and bring me the alcohal" " Yes mom coming" But why do you need the alcohal? He walks in but didn't see you nor did you see him.
  7. " No really mom why do you need it?" Its not for me its for our guest. " What guest?" This one right here. He moves over and sees you and you do to. His beautiful Green eyes and black hair that makes your heart beat fast and your cheeks turn bright red. You pull away not wanting him to see your face. " Dear can you stay here with her i have to do something?" " Yes i will love to"
  8. You blush. "Does it hurt?" A little bit Okay I'm going to put some more alcohal okay you say. He puts it on and it stings Ow "Does it hurt" Yeah okay Here Hold my hand okay and you grab it and squezze. Are you done you say yeah I'm done. What you don't realize is that your still holding on to his hand.
  9. You take your hand away "Sorry" "That's alright i didn't mind" "Wow your beautiful " Thank you". He gets closer to your face you can feel his breath close but you quickly stand up and tell him why don't you show me the rest of the house. Yeah okay let's go. Its been a week and you really like this place you feel comftable you like being with Logan he makes you feel safe. One day y'all are taking and he stops you and grabs your hands looks into your eyes and tells you He loves you. "I love you too" He brushes his hand on your cheeks and moves in closer and closer. You can feel his lips getting closer to yours And that's when he kisses you sweetly and loving. He than tells you if you would like to be his girlfriend.
  10. Yes!!! He picks you up and kisses you again. Your happy with Logan he takes you where you want gets you what you want and makes you feel loved. You remember everything that happned to you in the beggining that guy who took you but you managed to escape. "Will he ever come back?" No he will never find me Right? One night Logan tells you he has a surprise your excited. He puts a blind fold on you and he has a candle lit dinner. "Its wondurful" Y'all have dinner and have a great time.
  11. Y'all have been together 5 months. You realize its getting late out so both of y'all decide to go to sleep he takes your hand and takes you to your room. You sit down on the bed and before he leaves he gives you a goodnight kiss it lasts a long time. Y'all spend a romantic night together in each others arms. The next day you wake up and take a shower and get dressed you go down stairs and make some breakfast. Its been a long time since morning and your sitting down watching T.v. He calls you to come here so you go. " Where are you?" I'm outside okay coming. You called i have another surprise for you "What is it?" Close your eyes "okay" Open them you open them and see him on his knee "Will you Marry Me?" Yes!! Yes!!! you shout and hug him. KABOOM it was a gun shot Logan slowly falls down Noooooooooo!! Logan Logan you shout!!!!! "He's not dead" You turn around its Diego what did you do to him!!!!!! Nothing.
  12. "Grab her and put her in the back" Yes sir it was the same guy with the car. He grabs you and drags you to the car Noooo let me go!!! Logan Nooooo!!!! Your crying so much you can't see he throws you in the car. The way there you cry the whole time. When you get there he throws you in a room. You get up and hang on the door " let me go!" You slowly fall to the ground. You get up and lay on the bed crying so much holding on to the ring that Logan gave you. You slowly cry yourself to sleep. The next day you hear someone tell you to get up you open one eye and see Diego "get up" NO! I said get up he grabs your wrist LET ME GO I SAID!!!!! He pulls you close to him you try to break free but fail he's about to kiss you but you turn your face. He does not like it he grabs your cheeks and squeezes them so hard he forces you to kiss him back.
  13. Its been 6 months and still no one here to help you Your about to give up on life. You walk over to your bed and lay down you feel terrible. As your about to close your eyes and fall asleep you hear something hitting the window you get up to check it out you open up the window and see nothing "I thought i heard something" As your about to turn around something hits you on the head "Ow" "Who's there" "Its me Logan" "Logan is that really you!" "Yes" "I've missed you so much!" "How did you find me!?" "That doesn't matter right now i have to get you down" "Your right its not that high" "Okay i have a ladder climb down" "Right" When your off you run to him and hug him so tight "I've missed you so much" "Me too" Y'all kiss for a couple of minutes "We have to go now" "Your right let's go" "All this time you were gone i was planning something special" and knew i was going to find you" "You do still have the ring i gave you right?" "Of course i do its right here" "Perfect let's go" "Where?" "You know i love you which is why i want to marry you right now" "i want you to be my wife forever" "Aww i love you to!!" Let's go" You guys go to his house and the house is so different " Come over here" As you walk in the place is decorated beautifly. He takes your hand come on "Wait i can't get married with this" That is why i bought you this" He hands you a beautiful white dress "Thank you" "I love you" You put on the dress "You look beautiful".
  14. Thanks" "What are we waiting for let's go" He takes your hand and is leading you to the priest. "Wait you say i have to tell you something" can't it wait" I don't think so" Come on let's just get married and you'll tell me" "Okay" He takes your hand and leads you to the priest. Logan do you accept (you) to be your wife? "I do" And do you (you) accept logan to be your husband? "I do". You may now kiss the bride y'all kiss for a couple of seconds.Let's go to the car "okay" When your about to walk in the car you stop him. "Wait" "Can i tell you now?" Yeah what is it? i-i-i-m your crying "your what?" I'm pr....... But before you can say anything BOOM!! Logan falls to the ground Noo!! Yes Diego again WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT!! YOUVE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE ALREADY!!!. You pay no more attention to him. You sit on the floor next to Logan and cry your heart out. "No don't close your eyes Stay here" "I-i-i-i love you so much" Me too no don't go" He's bleeding a lot. Remember when i needed to tell you something "y-y-y-yeah " You Grab his hand and place it on your belly "y-y-your pregnant Yes!!! "h-h-h-how do you know" The synthoms and plus A mom knows when there going to be a mom. "You can't leave me sniff not now that we are going to be parents" "No don't close them stay here with me" Sniff He reaches toward your cheek and brushes it slightly "Y-y-you know Ive always loved you" "And always will" And with that his hand falls down. Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! Logan Logan!! Speak to me!!. He dies in your lap. Back to Diego. Your pregnant? YES!! AND NOW LOOK WHAT YOU HAVE DONE!!tears LOGAN LOGAN NOOOOOOO!!!
  15. Diego with that news leaves. He leaves you all alone. You dont know what your going to do and even more because your pregnant.
  16. 5 years later....... You married someone else and you had a baby boy:) He makes you feel loved and cares about you a lot. Although you still remember what happned 5 years ago you ll never forget Logan the love of your life but you know that hes happy knowing your happy. Diego you never knew what happned to him and you dont care. THE END
  17. Hope you liked my story it wasnt really a quiz. And there are no results because you know the results already with the story. Once again i hoped you liked it.:) And also why there are no answer choices.

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