Lore of The Elder Scrolls Quiz

The Elder Scrolls Series has an incredibly rich lore present in all of its games, through in-game books, manuscripts, dialogue, and more. True fans of the series are sure to spend many an hour learning more about the fictional though incredibly interesting world of Tamriel.

How well do you know the history of the Elder Scrolls world? Are you a lore aficionado, or do you ignore the finer details of Tamriel? In twenty-seven short questions, we'll find out!

Created by: Auburn
  1. Characters - Who is the spiritual and political leader of Elsweyr?
  2. Characters - Who are the Maormer?
  3. Events - To what Second Era plague were Argonians completely immune?
  4. Organizations - Which dynasty ruled Valenwood for most of the province's history?
  5. Organizations - The Dark Brotherhood split from which group in the Second Era?
  6. Places - Sharnhelm is a city in which province?
  7. Places - What was the name of Morrowind before the Imperial takeover?
  8. Places - Which Skyrim city was founded by Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions?
  9. Organizations - What is the symbol of the Imperial Legion?
  10. Organizations - What is the symbol of the Septim Dynasty?
  11. Places - What two kingdoms joined to form Elsweyr?
  12. Characters - Which Daedric Prince is the "The Prince of Fate" and the "Demon of Knowledge"? (hint:this daedra does not take the form of a human or elf)
  13. Misc. - What Tamrielic month corresponds to August on the Gregorian calendar?
  14. Characters - Which of these Septim rulers was Dunmer?
  15. Events - What document ceded parts of Blackwood in southern Tamriel to Cyrodiil from Elsweyr?
  16. Places - What Daedric Prince's realm of Oblivion is Moonshadow, described as a blindingly beautiful place of color and light?
  17. Places - The Ministry of Truth is in what city?
  18. Misc. - What race has a special connection to the Hist Trees?
  19. Misc. - What two moons appear in the night sky over Tamriel?
  20. Misc. - In the Prophecy of the Dragonborn, what is the Brass Tower?
  21. Characters - What explorer discovered the Niben River?
  22. Events - What was was fought between the Argonians and the Dunmer near the end of the Third Era?
  23. Places - What is the oldest structure on Tamriel?
  24. Misc. - What is the meaning of "Tamriel" in Aldmeris?
  25. Last question for those who really know their stuff - What is MUATRA?

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