Lord of The Rings: What race are you?

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This is a quiz to determine what race you are in Lord of the Rings. Ever wonder if you would be a Dwarf or Elf? Well you can find out here! You can be an evil orc, or a peaceful Ent. Comment if you actually read this. I'm really curious.

You can determine here what type of person you are. Each question has a hidden result. Choose your answers carefully. You can either be good or evil. The questions vary from quotes to locations. Have a good time and watch for the precious!

Created by: Benson
  1. What place sounds nice to live in?
  2. What occupation sounds the best
  3. Which place sounds the best?
  4. What word would your friend says best describes you?
  5. What type of weapon suits you the best?
  6. What battle strategy sounds like it would work?
  7. If a great evil is emerging what will you do?
  8. Which quote suits you?
  9. Choose a character
  10. Last of all...good or evil?

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Quiz topic: Lord of The Rings: What race am I?