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I love Boromir, so I was inspired to create a quiz about him, even though people questioned me on why I loved a character that wanted the ring more than Gollum, I answered: "I just like him, dunno why!"

I hated Lord of the Rings in the first place, at that time, I was obsessed with Harry Potter and said no to everything that was related to the book. Now, even my wallpaper is Boromir.

Created by: Ivy

  1. Do you think Boromir was good or bad?
  2. Who killed Boromir?
  3. Which of the following is right?
  4. Was Boromir my favorite charater?(HINT: Legolas and Aragorn are both second, Gandalf isn't first either.)
  5. Who did Boromir love best?
  6. Who was bonded with Boromir?
  7. What kind of species was Boromir?
  8. When was Boromir born?
  9. Who was Boromir's father?
  10. Who was Boromir's Brother?

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