Living it as a girl

I suggest you only take this quiz is your a girl. If your a guy, and you don't mind pretending to be a girl, go ahead.

This quiz does talk about very sad things that do actually happen in someones life, so you shouldn't take this quiz if your not ready, but it isn't actually a quiz it's more of a story.

Created by: Ann O. N. omiss
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  1. your name is now Rachel and this is you life story...
  2. beep...beep...beep the alarm clock is singing once again! "oh "joy" i get to go to school again..." you say. You get up strip yourself naked and put on some cloths, you wear...
  3. you grab a bar and eat it on the way to school. On your way you meat up with your friend Teegan, she seems really excited about something,you try to remember is there is any special occasion...
  4. Then you remember it was her birthday! You pretend you knew all along, and congratulate her, there is still one problem, you forgot the present...
  5. After thinking about it all through the math test you decide to do something that would make her happy...but what would she like, next is free period, and your going to hang out with her, so you can see what she would like.
  6. During free period you ask her, "What do you like?" She looks strangely at you, you gotta admit it was a weird question. After a moment of silence she says, "I like my friends, especially you!" you both laugh, but your secretly really annoyed because you can't figure anything out
  7. now is study hall, maybe you two can talk again... You go to the closest seat next to Teegan, and try to get more out of her. This time when you ask her a similar question she says, "Did you leave my present at home..." you have no choice, but to tell the truth, but she doesn't seem to upset...
  8. She wants to go ditch with you, your reluctant at first, but when she takes you to an alley behind the school, and corners you against a wall you get nervous. Then puts her hands at your waist as she say, "I love you." and starts kissing you passionately, you try to escape her grip, but you can't, you aren't mad or anything, you just don't understand what's happening. She is kissing you, and kissing you when you notice she's trying to take you shirt off...
  9. It all happens so fast you don't realize it, but your starting to feel some kind of pleasure in this...She starts taking your bra off, but this time you make a move, you pull her shirt off, and are surprised to realize, she wasn't even wearing a bra! she quickly unclips yours, and starts sucking on your b00bs. You are getting really turned on. You do the same to her.
  10. By now she's all over you, and you don't realize the time. You look at your watch, and realize her party is starting in 5 minutes, you tell her, and you two run over to her house (with you cloths on. The guests start coming, and her parents leave. once everyone is here she makes an announcement, "This party is now a seven minutes in heaven party..." People start cheering, and booing, and having all sorts of mixed feelings.
  11. I can tell that she someone rigged the numbers, so you would get her instead of some other person. When you two go into the bedroom the first thing you do is lock the door, then you both automatically get undressed, and start it again...Soon there is a knock on the door, you both get dressed, and run back out.
  12. after the party she invites you to sleep over, you really want to, but your mom doesn't let you. You think about sneaking out, but you do really have to study.
  13. The next day on you way back from school you bump into a really flirty guy. You apologize, but he seems more interested in you then the apology... He gets closer to you, and you start to feel really nervous. He has a gym bag with him, which he soon reveals to have a rape kit in it. You start to panic, and then you scream, there is no one around, but some pigeon sitting on a fence. You try to run, but he grabs you. You freak out, and start to scream, and cry all in one. Then you see a shadow coming up to you guys, you can't tell who it is, but when it gets close enough you realize it's you sister who's in college, your mom probably sent her to look for you since you weren't home yet. She freezes when she realizes what's happening to you. You can tell she's getting her phone out. She calls someone, and five minutes later to squad cars are here.
  14. When they take the guy away you sit there crying, nothing you can do anymore. You sister tries to comfort you as your mom gets here.
  15. Your mom was trying comfort you all she could, she gave you Cocoa, a warm cozy pajama, and all sorts of comfy things. You were still really nervous and in shock.
  16. Goodbye

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