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TAKE THIS QUIZ I KNOW YOU WANT TO! TAKE IT TAKE IT! Okay I'll stop shouting in CAPS now... this quiz is full or craziness, randomness, and disturbance, don't really give the slightest crap if you hate it.

*smiles* Hehe..I'm happy. No wait, I'm sad. Life sucks. Then you like, die. Oh well, at least this quiz can change things up. Oh crap, my throat hurts :(

Created by: lilfreakgryl
  1. You're at wal-mart, and you hear the intercom thing asking for a worker to do a clean up on aisle one.
  2. I dare you to go to wal mart wearing an Obama mask trying on bras
  3. Go to the Apple store and sing Friday by Rebecca while wearing a firefighter hat.
  4. Hid on Debra.
  5. Go to Disney Land. Eat a bagel.
  7. Dye your hair with different neon colors and spike it up and juggle with books
  8. Spit on people's faces
  9. Lick your pit.
  10. Dress up as a mime and go to the library (if you want some moneh!)
  11. Uh no you can't ;)
  12. Go out in public and make fake awards and give them to strangers. Why? Cause it's fun khara.
  13. Hahaha I bet you don't know what that means ;)
  14. Ah ah ah...don't say it >;)
  15. Get yourself into a large crowd and be like "God is that you...really how much time do I have left?" remember to add enthusiasm and make it loud and noticable
  16. Umm..impressive. Well you can tell that I'm bored. Oh well who wants to go swimming at the super market?! :D
  17. Well then Mr. Sass-My-Ass-Pants, what do you want to do? -.-
  18. Kiss a random stranger on their cheek! :D
  19. Aw shucks *blushes* :') HUGGING TIME!
  21. Walk up to a small child that resembles you, and tell them that you are them from the future
  22. Jump out of a plane screaming 'voooooddddddkkkkkkkkka'
  23. Laugh really hard on the floor. Just do it. And after that click submit and rate this quiz 10/10, click my name, take my other quizzes, oh and comment xP

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