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Don't be sad, be glad! If you are smarty enough to read this sentence, then make yourself useful and take a quiz that may change your life! If you're not, shame on you!!!!

Anyway, if you're dying to do something while your boss/teacher/mom is away for the day, try my quiz! If they come back, tell them that this quiz is very educational and you can get away with it!

Created by: Xiyu
  1. There are exactly 36 letters in this sentence.
  2. If Jim is taller than Joe, Jane is shorter than Jim, Joan is taller than Jane but not Jeff, Josh is shorter than Joan, Jeff is shorter than Jim, and Jordan is the shortest of them all, who is the tallest?
  3. Does this sentence make sense? The running run will run in runs with the running runners running along the running run.
  4. What is the 5th vowel in this sentence?
  5. How old would a certain tortise be if it had lived for a fourscore minus a decade plus a centuary minus 12 decades? (a fourscore is 80 years)
  6. If I go travel at noon and return at noon, how far did I travel?
  7. What is a the tommorow of a week from yesterday's yesterday's tommorow?
  8. If Dylan won't sleep because he's afraid of the monster under his bed and his mother gives him an inflammable nightlight over a lit candle, will Dylan's house catch on fire?
  9. In a faraway country called Jamish, you must learn to dance with a comb. Your dance instructor tells you to turn the comb upside down nine times. If you started out with a star on the front side, is the star still on that side after you turn the comb?
  10. Bambi's head is twice the size of his body. How tall is he?

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