Do you know how to make a quiz?

Do you know how to make a quiz? Want to know if you do? You might and you might not, answer truthfully and find out. If not, you could continue to make horrible quizzes. Your life would end.

Simple, yet complex. In a few minutes, your life sentence will be settled.. Not really, I just wanted to freak you out. Hope you enjoy it. Are you even reading this? Why put a paragraph here all y'all do is take the quiz?? Whatever..

Created by: Kelli

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Which question would you put in a quiz about "what dog are you?"?
  2. Do you put answer choices that don't even relate to the results in your quiz?
  3. How many quizzes have you made that actually got a 7.9 or higher?
  4. What was the average rating on your first quiz?
  5. How many people say that your quiz sucks?
  6. Do you think you know how to make an awesome quiz?
  7. Do you care about how you make your quiz?
  8. How do you think you did?
  9. Do you rate quizzes badly for the fun of it?
  10. How will you rate my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I know how to make a quiz?