When was the last time we talked?

I made this quiz for my friends to make. You results do not matter to me. It was something that I just came up with late one night. I hope you enjoy it.

Welcome Friends to the most excruciatingly and horrible thing that you will ever take in your life. It is a wonderful quiz all about me. Its to see how well you really know me. So have fun and "I want to see a good clean fight" on WHO KNOWS ME THE BEST!!!

Created by: Nicole

  1. When and Where was I born?
  2. Which do I prefer to drink?
  3. Whats my favorite temple?
  4. Who is my favorite actress?
  5. Who is my favorite actor?
  6. Where do I want to go the most? I want to go many places but which is more tempting to me?
  7. What is my favorite type of jewelry?
  8. Whats my favorite candy?
  9. What is my favorite Hayao Miyazaki film?
  10. What is my favorite flavor of my favorite dessert...Ice cream! Hey, you learned something
  11. What is my most embarrassing moment.
  12. What is my favorite song?
  13. Whats my favorite shirt I own?
  14. If I could move anywhere... where would I go?
  15. Last question... Who do I currently have a crush on?

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