life with tom p.3!!!!!!

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this is life with tom p.3!i hope you liked part2!i say it again:please if you see it has some problems please comment and if you liked it please rate!thank you!

do you like to see what will be happend in the time that you're gonna spend with tom?well thats what this quiz is all about!if you one of tom felton's fans please take this quiz!

Created by: dragon

  1. this is the third part of life with tom!yeah...i know!i wrote it as fast as i can!so....where were we!? it's 6:00pm you:
  2. you want to change you're clothes and get ready!you wearing:
  3. so you went to the place that tom told you he'll you there(the best park in you're town!)!you see tom seating on a bench and wating for you!when he see you he satnd up and say:hello,.......!i was worry for you!you say:
  4. he says:do you want to take some walk?you answer:
  5. you're taking a walk with tom!tom is talking about his times at harry potter movies!you say:
  6. then he asks you:now you say somthing!about anything you want!you:
  7. when you finished you're talking(if you talked!)someone shout's:oh my gosh!!!look!!!it's tom felton!suddenly everyone turn around and see you with tom!!then you know what will happend!yeah you gussed right!every buddy from young too old came around you and start screaming and taking pictures with tom and.....!you see tom in thet crouded place!his not as happy that he should be!you think:
  8. when the people left,tells you:i'm so sorry about today!it happens all the time!and it's getting late!i should go now!i had lots of fun today!thanks!you say:
  9. tom says:hey!i have another concert tomorow!will you come?we can hangout after that!oh!and what song o you want me to sing?
  10. so...this part is finished!do you liked it?

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