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hey again every buddy!this is my second quiz and if you see i'm wrote"life with tom P.2",that because it's the second part of my first quiz(tom,emma,daniel or ropert?)i saw my quiz is more like a story so i dicided to make it some parts!

do you like to hanguot with tom felton?well that's what this quiz is all about!this quiz is about hanging out tom during the time that his in you're town!so try too do something to make this days his best days ever!

Created by: dragon

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  1. so you turn around and see tom is talking to you!you:
  2. get his hand writing and tell him how awesome he is!he tells you that you're awesome too you feel:(if yu didn't toke he's hand writing click DIDN'T HAPPEND)
  3. found tom,you got his hand writing(or not),you throw you're shoe(mayby not),you fight with him,anyway you done every thing you wanted to do!you want to go home!you tell tom:
  4. he says:wait!i'm not laeving tonight!i'm here about 3 days!do you want to hangout?you say:
  5. you go home,change you're clothes,brush you're teath and you're ready to sleep!you thinking of today:
  6. you woke up in the morning!(it's summer,you don't go to school!)you can't wait what will hapenning at 6:00pm:
  7. well..this part is finished!next part will be about you're time with tom!don't miss it:
  8. has it?
  9. i'm so sorry that this part was short!i don't have time for making a quiz!
  10. bye!!!!see you next part!please rate or comment!thank u for taking my quiz!

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