Life in District 2

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Created by: Princess Giggles
  1. This probably wont make any sense, but there's still thirteen districts, and the games are the 76th.
  2. Hi my name is Camilla , but my friends call me Boo. I live in District 2 and we are the best of all 13 Districts. I'm 16 years old,and about to turn 17 in a couple of days. (All the tributes from the 74th Hunger games won and this year is the 76th.) Our mentors are Cato and Clove.
  3. Omg Yay! ! It's reaping day! I just woke up, and im going in my pajamas, since i dont care of i get called or not. Omg!! The mentors are Cato and Clove! I take a quick shower, and get dressed. I wore a black t-shirt, white skinny jeans, neon pink suspenders. As i walk out of my room, my mom smothered me with kisses. I walk out of my house, and meet up with my four bffs, Daniel,Jenny,Tori and Dani. We walk towards the Justice Building and sign in. I hear the train arrive from One. I cant wait to kill them. A weird looking lady stepped up to pick a name "Ladies First. " she pulls out and name "Dean Gullberry" we start to laugh at that name. She looked me in the eye. Like she could scare me."I will pick another name," she said. I noticed she laughed also at the name. "Camilla Jessica Paul. "She said. The whole crowed quieted down. I was known for being a fantastic person for throwing knives and some said i was better than Clove. I was also known for being a friend to everyone.
  4. "Where are you?" The lady asked. I looked at Tori. She nodded. We had this planned when i got called. Did i forgot something? Yeah, i did. Tori, Dani, Jenny and Daniel are all 17 and they've won the games before. I glanced at Dani and she nodded as well. "IM RIGHT HERE! I'M RIGHT HERE AND I LOOK FANTASTIC TODAY, DON'T YOU THINK?!?!?!" I yelled. I always had the tendency to make people laugh,and this time was perfect cause im probably gonna die.
  5. "Get up here, Sweetie. "The lady said. "Are we gonna get a guy ?" I asked. She nodded."Aidan Ashwal." She said. Good. I hate that boy. He's in my science class. Honestly, he sucks at science more than i do. And Das a fact. The peacekeepers bring Aidan up. "Our tributes from Lovely District Two. "She said. We shook hands,but i obviously crushed his hand.
  6. He winced when i crunched his fingers. We got on the train,and sat down."My name is Effy Trinket, and the Capitol is all out of trains. So, we'll continue with the other 12 districts so you guys will share a room. Now, go meet the Tributes from one." Effy said. Aidan and i walked around till we found a room. It had yellow and purple stripes and two beds,one purple, one yellow. "I call the yellow one!" I yelled running to the yellow bed."Ehh, i dont care yellow Is too bright for me."Aidan said. The door knocked."Who is it?" I asked. "Its the Tributes from One." A girl responded. I got up and opened the door. A pretty blonde girl stood with a brown headed boy.
  7. "And you guys are..?" I said trailing off."Oh! How rude if me. I'm Siena Smith and this is Nico Ashdown." The girl said sticking out her hand. "I'm Camilla Jessica Paul, but you can call me Boo. This is Aidan Ashwal. "I said shaking Siena' s hand. She let go. She asked Aidan if i could go with her and be in her room and Nico could stay the nights in Mine and Aidan's room. All he said was "Take her for eternity! " i mumbled" Jerk" to him.
  8. Siena giggled at that. Which was kinda weird. We walked back to the end of the train. "So what's your favorite colour?" She asked me."I love neon pink. What about you?" I asked. "I dunno. Blue i guess. " she said. We talked for a bit. Then, we heard people screaming and crying. This means we're in Three. We waited fifteen to twenty minutes till we went and greeted the tributes. "Hi! I'm Cierra! " the girl said.
  9. "I'm Siena. From District One." Siena said. "I'm Boo, from Two." I said butting in. Cierra gave me a confused look. "Is that your real name?"she asked. I laughed. "No, it's my nickname. My real name is Camilla Jessica Paul" i said. "Okay. I got it" she said laughing. The three of us walked back to Mine and Aidan's room. To Cierra's surprise, her district partner was sleeping. Probably must've been a long night for Three."Cierra, this is Aidan. Aidan, this is Cierra. "I said. "Nico this is Cierra. Cierra this is Nico." Siena said. By the time we were leaving Three, Cierra asked Aidan is it was okay if her district partner stayed with him. Aidan shrugged signaling he didn't care.
  10. How do u like meh new series?
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