level up! quiz #1

this is just a level up quiz nothing more nothing less. i just want to get to junior amd do amazing stuff. can you please take this quiz. there is some easy and little hard. but easy still yet.

do you know me? why are you raking this quiz? is there a god? so many questions so little time. so lets start off with easynones then go to the harder ones. see you on the other end.

Created by: lazermazer

  1. ....
  2. hi im air
  3. mu favorite clolr is blue
  4. what genre of music
  5. friend or no
  6. do you play an insturment
  7. what i your favorite subject
  8. do you know me
  9. do you know my real name/nickame
  10. did any other quizess of mine
  11. bye

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