Lets see if you really like Christmas better than Halloween

This quiz is about seeing if you like Christmas or Halloween better. You could also like all holidays and have no favorite. You could only like some holidays. There are endless possibilities.

Int his quiz you will pick the answer that best fits you, then you will move on to the next question and do the same. This quiz is not 100% accurate but it is pretty accurate. Thanks for checking the quiz out.

Created by: Crystal

  1. Do you like holidays?
  2. Do you like pumpkins?
  3. Do you like colorful lights and ornaments?
  4. Answer T, H or C
  5. Answer V, H or C
  6. Pick a box.....
  7. If you had to give a present or take a present what would you do
  8. Do you like...
  9. Pick a mythical creature....
  10. What do you like better____ or_______or_____......

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