This is a fun lil quiz where I give either a quote from a game or an anime and you simply choose who said it and from which anime that person is. Some of the answers are pretty simple while other might be more cryptic.

Hope you enjoy the quiz and hope you do well. If you didn't do well the first time go back do some research then try again. This is a quiz for fun and I made it cause I'm bored. Once again enjoy.

Created by: SN1P3RL4ZY
  1. 'If I die in here I'm gonna kill him.'
  2. 'So next time you wanna get big give it a ponder remember that everyone LIES!!!!!'
  3. 'Kravechenko, dragovich, steiner all must die'
  4. 'Ako-nee'
  5. 'HEY! Richtofen lay off the sour kraut man!'
  6. 'MATSUMOTO!!!!!'
  7. 'I know you you're name isn't kevin its charon you're an international terrorist'
  8. 'What kind of hell is hello'
  9. ' Ay an ay meh bredah'
  10. 'It seems the smell of moon flower has dulled your senses'
  11. 'Hey stuh you get to see me use a knife'
  12. 'Chezza Is a flower and like all flowers she will eventually whither and die. At this rate she'll be able to bask in the light of a few more full moons'
  13. ' They say if you fail to plan you plan to fail general'
  14. ' Hehe who knew that the class geek is actually a member carded of the NRA'

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