Let me rate your OC!

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Hey! I made this quiz for fun because I was taking a few OC rating quizzes. Obviously through this quiz I won't be giving the most accurate rating but I'll try my best to give you tips :)

Also, before you take this quiz, here's a quick disclaimer! You'll probably get a low score if your OC isn't an anime OC. This quiz is really meant for anime OCs, but you can still apply even if they're not! :)

Created by: dia-luvquiz
  1. What hair color does your character have?
  2. Eye color?
  3. Hair length?
  4. Type of name?
  5. Personality type? (Pick what best suits your character!)
  6. Your OC's past?
  7. How does your OC dress everyday?
  8. Extra body elements? (Optional)
  9. Does your OC have a love interest(s)?
  10. Suppose your OC is sitting next to someone that they're interested in, and that person asks your OC for a pen. How would your OC most likely react?
  11. Lastly, pick a song that you think suits your OC!

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Quiz topic: Let me rate my OC!