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I hope you really enjoy this quiz. I worked really really hard on it. Also comment and rate. Hope you enjoy. I worked my butt off on it by the way HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY!!!!!!! R.I.P. BROTHER WE MISS YOU.

Dia:medium brown/black hair milk chocolate eyes Jamie: long light brown wavy hair and hazel brown eyes Mia: long light brown hair and black eyes Jade: long dark brown hair and brown eyes Joi: short light brown hair and black eyes Sydni:medium light brown hair and dark chocolate eyes Aaliyah:long black hair and black eyes Amaya: short red/brown hair and light hazel eyes Latashia: long black hair and black eyes

Created by: Copy n Type

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  1. As i run into the open field, trying so hard not to look back at that house. Hearing all the screams and seeing all the blood...i just could do nothing but run. But something stopped me in my tracks. A pair of golden yellow eye, looking right into my soul. I knew those eyes anywhere, he had found me or i found him.
  2. Two days earlier.........
  3. "As any of you heard from Jamie?" asked Latashia. "No" said Mia. "The last time i saw her was about a week ago." said Jade. "Hey, can you guy keep your voice down. You know how Dia is feeling right now." said Sydni. "What about me?" said Dia. Dia and Jamie have been dating for months now. "Nothing... we just think that you should....." said Joi. "Think i should what,forget about Jamie?" Dia said in a toned voice. "No just...she's been M.I.A for about weeks. "Yes that actually what your saying." Dia said. She grads her jacket and heads out the door. "Hey dad, can you come pick me up, im at Latashia's house." she says. "Sorry honey im at work, why don't you call your mom." he says. "Ok bye" Dia says. She starts walking when she hear footsteps behind her. "Who's there?" she calls out. No anwser. "Dia!" a voice says.
  4. "Amaya!" said Dia. Amaya is Dia's ex and she has always been jealous of Jamie. "What are you doing her?" Dia asks. "Just come with me." she says. "Where, Amaya what are you up to now?" dia says. "Please just come with me." she says. She pulls her into a black car. "Where are we going?" Dia ask. "You'll see" she says.
  5. They arrive at Amaya's house. " We need to talk..." said Amaya. "I love you... and i know your with Jamie but...she knew i loved you and for her to just do that ,that's not a friend. And then out of no where she's gone." Amaya says with cold tears running down her face. "I love everything about you. Your long wavy brown and black hair. You hawiian skin color to your chocolate eyes. Your smile, your laugh. Dia stair into her eyes. Then move in closer and closer then, you know.
  6. They into Amaya's room tongue kissing. Dia takes off her shirt then Amaya's. She unbuttons Dia's pants, Amaya starts kissing Dia from head to toe. Dia gets on top of Amaya then there's a knock on the door.
  7. "I'll get it" Amaya said. She goes down stairs and Dia looks at the clock and it's 12:00. "Amaya, i have to be heading home." Dia says. "Amaya?" she calls. Then a loud screams, echos in her ear.
  8. Dia runs down stairs and is heartbreaken by what she sees
  9. She's gone! All there was is a trail of blood. "Amaya" dia whispers. Then someone grads her.
  10. Dia screams but they slap the crap out of her. She tries to run but he ducktapes her hands and feet together. "Help me!" She yells. But it was to late. They flip her over and everything goes black.

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