Lego Ninjago What Does Kai Think About You?

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This quiz is about Lego Ninjago. Do you love Ninjago and Kai in particular? Want to know what Kai thinks about you?

Does Kai hate you or like you? The purpose of this quiz is to figure this out. Just answer the questions and you'll see the result at the end.

Created by: Kat

  1. Me: Helloooo quiz taker?
    Jay: Hi
    Me: What are you doing here Jay? This is Kai quiz!
    Jay: Kai has his own quiz I want one!
    Me: if you want one then shut up!
    Me: So first question what do you think of Kai?
  2. Me: Kai you ask.
    Kai: ok ummm... What's your favorite ninja?
    Me: *facepalms*
  3. Me: ok so-
    Kai: I'm asking
    Me: I am asking not you Kai. So what is your favorite color?
  4. Me: Would you like to be a ninja?
  5. Kai: What do you think of me?
  6. Kai: Uh what do you think of Nya my sister?
  7. Me: Kai gave you a present what was it?
  8. Kai: I love presents do you?
  9. Me: Do you like tea?
  10. Did you like this quiz?

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