Lego Ninjago: How well do you know Jay?

Hello, I'm NinjagoKai. Here is a quiz, just about the one, the only JAY! Thank you, Lego Ninjago fans for looking at this. And one more thing, don't take the quiz if you don't know who Jay is. Thanks.

Jay is a scared, yet funny charactor. He is the lightning ninja, on Lego NinjaGo. He is love with Nya, (Kai's little sister) and does every thing he can to stay out of trouble. That's all I can say about Jay right now, so go on, do the quiz! Good luck.

Created by: Ninjago Kai

  1. Who are Jay's foster parents?
  2. What is Jay's elemental powers?
  3. Who is Jay dating?
  4. What color's does he wear?
  5. What future did he have in "Hunted"?
  6. What was Jay's 1st invention?
  7. Were did he grow up?
  8. What type of ride did he drive in the movie?
  9. How long did Jay like Nya?
  10. What is his symbol?
  11. Was Jay one of the 1st 3 ninja's, or one of the last 2 ninja's?

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Quiz topic: Lego Ninjago: How well do I know Jay?