Lego NinjaGo: Which Ninja are You?

Hello! I'm NinjagoKai, and I wanted to make a quiz about Which Ninjago, ninja are you. So, please take this and find, out. But you must know what i'm talking about before you take this. So make sure you have watched the movie, but mostly the episode. From season 1-11!

And don't worry, if you are not happy with your results, don't blame me, blame my friends on the other side! Ha! Ha! Wrong theme, I'm doing Lego Ninjago not Disney princess and the frog. Anyway, please take this. And let me know what Ninja you got, in the coments. Thank you!

Created by: Ninjago Kai

  1. What is your gender?
  2. Which Ninja is your favorite?
  3. Who is Nya's brother. (Real brother, every one each other call one another family, but who is her real family?)
  4. Who is the fire Ninja?
  5. Who does Kai like in season 4-11?(as a girl friend)
  6. Who did Jay really like from season1-11 and in the movie?
  7. Which element would you rather have?
  8. Did you like the shows or the movie better?
  9. How many times did Kai loose his elemental powes?
  10. Which is your favorite season?
  11. Age?
  12. Did you like my quiz?

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Quiz topic: Lego NinjaGo: Which Ninja am I?