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Hi there. Lego friends are awesome aren't they? If you want to find out a bit about lego friends, then take this quiz. You will learn so much about it.

The lego friends are a hit for boys and girls all around the world. I do hope that you enjoy this quiz and don't forget to like and comment. See you around lego fans!

Created by: Emma

  1. Who is crazy about art?
  2. Who loves science?
  3. What is the name of mia's horse?
  4. Who does olivia first run into in the episode "new girl in town?
  5. This will not affect your score but how old are you?
  6. Who are the lego friends?
  7. When the friends form a team to save heartlake city, Do they have super powers?
  8. Who is a champion horse rider?
  9. Who is the baker?
  10. Are you going to like?

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