Knowing The True Nani

People think they are happy, but you will not know true happiness until you know whether not you are a True Nani. This quiz will allow you to see just how close you are to being a True Nani, Enjoy :-D

Your results are just a click away. Once you have taken this quiz, you will finally know what life is all about and will finally be able to fill all the gaps through out your life that you have had.

Created by: Nani

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  1. What flower would you best associate with yourself and why?
  2. Which animal would you pick and why?
  3. You're driving and some slow A-hole just cut you off, how do you react?
  4. If you were a looney tune character, you would be:
  5. IF you were a plate of food you would be:
  6. Your doing your laundry when you realize Derek didn't put his clothes in the dryer, you react by:
  7. If you were a villian you would be:
  8. Three essentials include:
  9. When you say "OK that's enough" you usually mean:
  10. If you had to be stuck with one idiot the rest of your life, you would choose
  11. What comeback are you most likely to use?
  12. What fruit are you?
  13. What Disney character has your personality?

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