Know your Corpse Bride stuff?

Ok, first of all I wanna thank ye for taking my quiz. As the title says, its about Tim Burton's Corpse Bride. Do excuse me if it isn't all that good, I was in a hurry. So, are you ready?

Not quiet ready yet. Apparently I need to talk alot here. So please enjoy my quiz, I hope you score big. Thanks for taking it again. Um, are you even reading this anymore? Oh well it just ended now. Enjoy!!

Created by: IxXWolfieXxI

  1. Emily is...
  2. Victor is...
  3. Victoria is...
  4. Who is marrying Victor?
  5. Fave character out of these? (No effect )
  6. Person: Wait, I made a promise Other Person: You kept your promise. ( who says that?? )
  7. You would rather be...(no effect again )
  8. Pastor WHO?
  9. Now we are going to begin the quoting version...
  10. Actually this is the last question, who says: I want some questions, now!

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Quiz topic: Know my Corpse Bride stuff?