Know My Life Here Part 3

Hello Azy's back with part 3. i hope you enjoy it and look at the result because i have a question for you guys^-^ Please rate and comment on my quizzes. Love you guys! Have fun reading this! ^_^

Hello Azy's back with part 3. I Hope you enjoy it and look at the results because i have a question for you guys^-^ Please rate and comment on my quizzes. Love you guys! Have fun reading this!^_^

Created by: AZY

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  1. If you haven't taken part 1-2 of 'know my life here' you won't know anything about preciouse me and my life so please take those quizzes. i'am trying to get my status higher.
  2. Kevin is like my best guy friend here that understands me. He's very nice and sometimes funny.Me and him are doing a Drug/Romance Soap and it's turning very good. Ever since Kevin joined GTQ i've been his friend and buddy, i'am still his buddy and he's my buddy. Best Guy Friend: Kevin!
  3. Gabe is my First and Only Boyfriend Here! He's the sweetest thing in the world and the nicest guy ever. Gabe always makes me feel loved and special, he's my everything. Me and Gabe first met like 2 weeks ago after i joined, then me and him started to go out and he's been very wonderfull to me. I love you babe! :3
  4. All of my friends are unique. IcyDesinngs was like my first friend here, i think. She's very nice and has interesting things to say. She's has a good series of hunger games which you should take and she's brilliant. BTR is very special to talk too, we both love One Direction and she holds good conversations, I call btr Mrs.Horan because she likes Niall from 1D. Sammy is an amazing soaper and loves basketball like me! i miss talking to her and soaping with her.
  5. Hephy is one amazing and creative person. I love talking to her because she reminds me of having fun everyday and every minute. Audree is like a sister to me and she's very nice. Kiki is a funny and cool person.I Love My Friends :)
  6. Some of the people that i want to get to know and be friends with are, Hat,Fire, Tori, Ana, and Alana. In my first quiz i put that Alana is my friend but she hasn't talked to me in a while. Alana seems like an Amazing and funny girl. I wish i could talk with them.
  7. Today in school me and my friend were acting all crazy and laughing. We clapped at anything and i'am still laughing. We we're acting like One Direction Addicts and the teacher kept looking at us weird. Today i felt crazy but i'am at home now and i feel my energy drained out. i feel sleepy xD One Direction!!!
  8. My favorite Things is music because i love singing and feeling the music run threw my body. i love R&B and Pop. i like some other kinds too. Basketball is like an addicting sport for me, when i'am in the game i get really into it and try to get the ball. i love how the game gets dangerous. On friday i got hit in my cheek bone and it hurts still. This girl hit me with her shoulder :/
  9. My favorite Singer is Michael Jackson. R.I.P. He has very amazing songs that i love. Some bring back memories of my other life. I love MJ no matter what people say about him :3
  10. That's it. I'am Azy and that's my life. Hope you enjoyed it and please read the result because i have a question for YOU to answer. Bye -Azy Loves

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