Know How Happy You Are?

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This quiz is all about knowing how happy you are and the main aim for making this quiz is to spread happiness. Happiness actually means enjoying your life rather than saying that happiness means to have a loads of money or having the expensive car...etc. The things which make you happy mentally and from your deep heart is called happiness. Th more you spread happiness and bring smile on other faces there acually you are tested that how happy you are and how it means to you.

Not everyone in this world is the happiest person but some people make themselves happy by makin others happy. They think life has its own problems and difficultes but we need to solve them and be happy. This is true.

Created by: Rukhma Nasir

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the best thing you like to do in your vacations?
  2. Which is you favourite colour?
  3. On what things you pay more attention?
  4. Do you have a habit of:
  5. Do you like to:
  6. What type of physical characteristics you like:
  7. Do you take care of people around you?
  8. Do you observe people by their:
  9. When you have come from a long day what would you prefer:
  10. Have you ever slept early:

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